What’s That Burning Smell

I have been a parent now for over 17 years and through the years I have said things that I never thought I would say. For example:

“why did you put cheerios up your nose”

“Is that a popcorn seed in your ear”

“don’t put your feet in your sister’s face”

“did you put your barbie china cup up your nose”

“stop crying and do your homework”

“are you pooping in the closet”

I can literally go on and on. Kids can make you say the unthinkable. But the unthinkable slowly becomes your new normal and it’s not until a nonparent enters your chaotic world and laughs at the ridiculousness that you call life. However, what happened in the Haughawout household the other day trumps all of the previous statements I never thought I would say.

It was 8:45 on a Thursday night and just like every night I enter into Makenzie’s room, turn on her ceiling fan because she likes the cool air blowing on her. I proceed to turn on her light and pull back her covers after I remove all her stuffed animals that she demands to keep on her bed. I make sure her windows are locked and then pull the curtains closed. As I’m doing that Makenzie says “mom my room smells funny, I think Larry peed somewhere” So I get down to the carpet and start to sniff all around her room. Larry our chihuahua is giving me a look like he is concerned about my mental state. I was happy to report that zero pee was found.

Then all of a sudden I smell something burning and the smell is becoming more and more intense. So I start frantically asking everyone to check and make sure all the candles are burnt out, check the dryer to ensure that it isn’t on fire. I do laundry at night every night and I’m thinking oh no we have killed the dryer because of how often it’s used.

Dryer is off all candles are burnt out but the smell is getting worse. We all run back into Makenzie’s room and smoke is coming from the ceiling fan. I immediately scream “ERIC hurry sweet peas fan is on fire!”  Eric charges up the stairs with a chair and pulls out…….burning underwear.  We could not stop laughing after our shock and confusion as to why there are underwear in the ceiling fan had passed.

So once again, I never thought I would have to ask anyone, why are your underwear in the ceiling fan. Trust me she did not disappoint with her reply.  Apparently, if you swing underwear around your head they may fly into the ceiling fan.


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