Can You Hear Me Now

Walking the streets alone where your voice can’t be heard Read More


I hope you all had a wonderful veteran’s day and stayed safe. I saw pics of all the barbecue that was consumed and delicious desserts being served. Read More

Truth is…..

Have you ever felt that someone was struggling with liking you? I always feel the pull. Read More

5 Steps To Reach Your Goals

During this Pandemic, we have been forced to break out of old routines and move quickly into new ones. For a while, I was thrown off balance, and all the days kind of ran together. Read More

TikTok…I Refuse

So TikTok seems to be the thing during this pandemic, but I will not. I repeat I will not take the bait and join this insane trend. Read More

Six-Word Story

Pulled apart and separated at birth


Homemade Pizza!! — Sammicakes

Hello and hello, everyone! I’ve been baking and cooking up a lot of good stuff these past few weeks. Mother’s Day is tomorrow, and I have a lot of dishes I’m going to make for dinner, plus some awesome desserts, so I’ll be sure to post those. Since Thursday, I’ve been preparing my pizza dough, […]

via Homemade Pizza!! — Sammicakes