~Ghetto Love~

It’s factual to say that every love story has a beginning and an end. I would like to say that all love stories are beautiful, but I simply can not. But there is something about a ghetto love story that wins my heart.….

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Breakfast In Bed For The Win

It’s been 34 years, 4 months, and 1 day since the last time I made breakfast for someone and delivered it to them while they were in bed. Not that I’m counting.

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Just Ask Me

All you had to do was ask me to be patient and to help you get through this challenging time!

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Do You Ever

I’m about to go to bed, but this random thought popped in my head. So, of course, I had to share it with ya!

  • Do you ever wonder how to terrible your life would have been if you had married the first person you ever dated?
  • Or did you marry that person?
  • If so are things you hoped they would be?

If I had married the first person I had ever dated, I would have jumped off the nearest bridge by now.

Thank God for guidance!!!!



It Takes Two To Tango

Day 13 of 30

Mind, Body, and Soul Transformation

Wait….what your husband babysits?

Babysit hell…these are his kids too, it takes two to tango! Read More

7 Must Do’s To Keep That Marriage Sparkling

I have never experienced anything more complicated than being married and raising kids. Not because I dislike it but because I want to do my very best. The last thing I want is a failed marriage and kids that turn into one of society’s nightmares.

However, for a marriage to be successful, both partners have to want it to work. You can want it to work until you are blue in the face, but if your partner isn’t 100% in than your screwed. Be honest with yourself while you’re evaluating your marriage, and don’t put all the pressure on you. Read More

I Am Whatever You Say I Am

Learning to handle a situation like a grown-up can be challenging. Invariably fighting to not have the last word is a struggle for many people, including me. If I feel like I’m being attacked with your thoughts of me, then I automatically feel the need to protect myself and explain.

The explanation usually consists of me telling you why you shouldn’t feel the way you feel about me. Truth be told, I’m guilty of wanting to be liked. Read More

The Day I Stopped All The Bullshit

The Day I Fell In Love “Part 2”

Let’s talk about that day.

I was 22 with a chip on my shoulder and mad at the world because I felt like the world was mad at me. I had a temper and a right and left hook that refused to back down to anyone. I was out looking for trouble, which wasn’t hard to find because I knew where to look.

The truth of the matter is I only joined the military because I wanted to be taught how to defend myself if I were to be attacked by 2 or more persons at once. I wanted to be able to shoot a target in any location I desired on the first shot. My sergeants’ had to pull me off the shooting range. Read More