Every day is a choice

Aren’t you tired of making bad decisions?

Maybe you didn’t know that the choice you made would set you back mentally, physically, financially, spiritually, or emotionally, but it did. Then you recover, praise God. Then you stumble into another one that is worse than the prior.

Every day we are blessed with the opportunity to do better for ourselves and other people. We can choose to be a blessing and feel blessed in return.

This morning I woke up with joy in my heart and a smile on my face. I wasn’t concerned about the things I didn’t have. Instead, I gave praise for all the things I do have. I woke up with a purpose and several choices that I could make.

Choices you can make

The choices you can make are endless; however, the right ones are not. It’s up to you to decide if what you are currently doing is working towards your long-term goal. If you discover that you’re wasting time, then you need to jump up, write out a plan and fix your life.

One bad choice leads to;

One bad choice can spiral into several bad choices, and the multitude of them can ruin the rest of your life. If it doesn’t ruin it, it will make life more difficult than it has to be. We need to be more conscious of the choices we make. And know that once we get in the habit of making rash choices, we will continue to do so.

One good choice leads to;

Good choices are made when we sit and think about their outcome. Pondering over an idea and looking for all the pros and cons steer you towards a better situation. Which will then lead to even more positive choices.

My choices for today

Today I chose to workout first thing in the morning

I chose to start my day with 38 ounces of water

I chose to thank God for waking me up

I chose to immerse myself into self-care

I chose to buy myself a new outfit

I chose to say yes to my husband for a dinner date

I chose to order my college kids all their groceries for the week

I chose to be happy

What choice or choices are you making today?

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


39 Replies to “Every day is a choice”

  1. You are so inspiring! I agree with every word here, and have learned that the most amazing thing about understanding life as a series of choices is the awareness that comes with it. Amazing post, Belladonna!

  2. What a lovely post and a powerful reminder that truly everything is a choice. I love that you share your examples, as choices truly need not be anything but simple. 🙂

  3. I’ve always chosen with my heart, and way too many times that, well, that’s how I got to where I am now…..I don’t know which movie or tv show I heard this, but everything you’ve done has lead me/us to this point….and yeah, focusing on what has happened on the past is a waste of time….

    1. Warren yes yes yes! I was just talking about this today with my husband. Focusing on that past can get you in the oddest funk and it’s a huge waste of time.

  4. I went to spinning class. I’m going to write a post for Wednesday. I’m going to walk the dog. I’m going to run errands. I’m going to write 500 words on my work in progress. I’m going to do volunteer work.💗💗

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