Six~Word Story; Excuses

Life is forever changing, and we have to do all we can to keep up.

Most days, we give in to excuses that are very logical. You know, the excuses that allow us one more day to remain stagnant. As long as we feel guilt-free, then that’s a win.

When the excuses sound strong, we have given ourselves an easy way out, making us weaker.

Our goal should be to become better than our past selves. And the only way we can become that is to do away with our excuses. Step into each day with purpose and a clear understanding of what we need to do to become better at our craft.

My six words

Make yourself stronger than your excuses!

You’re next! I would love to hear how you keep yourself motivated and eliminate excuses.

You could’ve chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. in 2010 a special friend passed away……I thought than what can I do….keep her in my head and my heart, and be what she thought me to be to the best of my ability…..

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