You Complete Me?

I wanted to punch tom Cruise when he uttered the words, “You complete me.” Not because he said this to his co-star. We all know that this is just a movie. But I feared that people would think this was an impressive line to say.

I dared to be to the victim of these words for several reasons!

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Uncomfortably Comfortable

Being uncomfortable can be one of the worst feelings. When you are being pushed away from a familiar place. Reacting to a specific stimulus that you didn’t see coming can be frustrating.

A person that hates being pushed will crash and fold.

But a challenger will rise to the challenge!

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This seat is taken

Stop trying to be someone else!!! Why is this so hard to do? I mean, can we just stop looking at each other and taking notes. Be you, Be DIFFERENT. Trying to fit in is one thing, but trying to take on the personality or tone of another is flat out ridiculous. I tell my…

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