Feels Good To Feel Good

Taking control of your health is the only way to live.

Eating good, sleeping good, and living good. Makes my soul feel good.

Wishing you all an amazing night and hoping that a healthy lifestyle finds you. And may it open your eyes to making better choices in your life. Cheers to a new day and feeling good!


~Six Word Story~ LOVe Is LOvE

Together we can change the world!

My LBGTQ friends and family inspired my six words. I love the fact that there is an entire month dedicated to them. And I think this year, I have heard and seen more people than ever before commenting positively about it. I smell acceptance and less judgment in the air.

Yes, we as a society have a tremendously long way to go, but damn it, I see progress!

I would love to read your six words!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!