Male Bullies ~Fear Them NOT~

I was a kid when a male first bullied me.

Maybe he didn’t know that what he was doing was a form of abusive behavior. Perhaps he did know but chose to do it anyway. Either way, it doesn’t matter.

Bullying is Bullying

And I feel what I feel

I learned from an early age that I would not let a male try to intimidate me or push my feelings to the side. They will be forced to treat me like I have balls, or they might get side-swiped in theirs. 

In 8th grade, rumors reared their ugly head concerning me and my promiscuous behavior, untrue. The thought of sex or any close intimacies was the farthest thing from my mind. But because I said NO to an unwanted advance, he decided to tell others that I was an easy sexual target. 

However, he didn’t know that I was the type to attack rumors head-on and in front of a crowd nonetheless. 

I’m an “I’ll hit you where it hurts” type of woman.

When I was in high school, a few rumors were kicked around behind my back, just like many other girls. But unlike them, I demanded that they repeat their lies to my face. And not one rose to the occasion.

In college, I carried a giant, thick stick that I labeled “The beater stick. I needed this because of males that were harassing and then threatening when I wasn’t pleased with their critical catcalls. 

I have to admit, I wanted to use that stick, but no one tried to invade my space. And the last time I checked, you can’t beat someone because of rude comment.

Let me jump to current times.

I was walking into the mall, and a male was yelling, “Hey you, come on over here and let me talk to you for a minute. I kept walking. And because I ignored him, he must have felt rejected, so he proceeded to say, “Fuck you then, you’re not pretty anyway.” I’m purposely leaving out other lude remarks; I don’t find it necessary to repeat them. Let’s say he was angry.

Due to these unfortunate encounters, I’m forced to think that some males strike back with either violence or degrading comments when faced with rejection.

Notice I’m saying males and not men. Real men don’t act this way, and just because you’re a male doesn’t mean you’re a man.

I and a number of my friends were chased down, raped, beat up, pushed around, and or had to deal with false accusations.

Too many women run to their husbands, big brothers, fathers, police, or sit in silence with fear.


I want women to feel powerful and dare a male to approach them, making them feel less than human. We should not sit in fear because of a bruised male ego.

Get up, fight back and when in doubt carry a big stick;

Male Bullies ~I fear you not~ But if you try me, you should fear ME!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


22 Replies to “Male Bullies ~Fear Them NOT~”

  1. I have a steel bat I keep in my drawer on my bed. If I walk Jernee at night in an area that I am unfamiliar with, that steel bat goes with me. I don’t want to have to ever use it, but I will. And I wish a dummy would.

  2. Girl! This is so relatable! And I agree that “real men don’t act that way.” And yassss, girl! We shouldn’t totally depend on the men in our lives to protect us because there will be times when they’re not around and the devil loves to catch you when you’re alone and vulnerable! I’m proud of you, Bella. Continue to carry that big stick! 😊💖💐 💪💪💪

    1. The devil is busy and we as women have to learn how to dare someone to get in our face. Living in fear is a joke. I know you understand everything that I’m saying. You’re on tough lady!!!

  3. I really hate catcalls, and I don’t know why people do it. The craziest part is the way they attack you when you don’t respond.
    You’re right, real men don’t act this way.
    And yeah, we shouldn’t wait for someone to save us, we should stand up for ourselves – speak up, resist and if nasty behavior persists, never be afraid to involve the law.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes!!!!!!! Joanne I feel your power oozing through as so read this and I love it!!! We have to stand firm and try our damnedest to not feel intimidated when men feel rejected and strike back.
      I love asking “Did you really think that corny line would work on me”!

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