Breathe 2

Breathe Part 1

Savannah took a small bite of her peach. She didn’t want the moment to be awkward, so she pretended to act as if she was unaware that his eyes were on her. The band was playing “Adore You”… Harry Styles does something to her.

I’d walk through fire for you

Just let me adore you

Oh, honey

I’d walk through fire for you

Just let me adore you

Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do

Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do

Her hips were moving, and she didn’t even know it. Before she knew it, she was reaching out for his hand. Savannah pulled him on the dance floor. He knew that he didn’t have a choice, so he gladly grabbed her hand. His smile lit up the room, and his white teeth blinded her, and those dimples on both cheeks stole her heart.

He was gorgeous… tall, dark, and handsome…. she wondered if he knew it. He had to of known. He could have any available woman on the boat, but his eyes were on Savannah.

Swirling her around as she sang loudly and laughed harder than she had in months maybe years. She loses track of time when her mood shifts in the direction that stomps her growth. Everything in her body just shuts down, and one day can turn into one month.

When the song silenced out, he reached for her hand and said, “my name is Lucas, and I need to put a name to this spirited queen.”

She replied, “Savannah is my name, and I think I just found my perfect one”.

Lucas was shocked and said, “excuse me,” as he took a step back so that he could get a better look into her eyes.  He thought to himself that she couldn’t have meant what she said.

With her smile going from ear to ear. She repeated herself and said, ” I think I found my perfect one, and I look forward to getting to know you better”.

She squeezed his hand and said, you are beautiful.

The way she said it moved him, and he was into her. The rest of the day and night belonged to her. If only it didn’t have to change………

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