Be Selfish…. and Help!!!

Guest Blogger ~ my husband Elijah~


For those that feel indifferent to the less fortunate in society, this is an appeal to increase your selfishness. If you are unable to empathize with disadvantaged people, being someone always of privilege, let me ask that you think about yourself to a greater extent … 

Members of a society, like the United States of America, have a moral obligation to take care of each other.  This moral duty is one deeply rooted in a fundamental system of belief across the world.  When this responsibility is neglected, history has shown time and time again, that all in society will eventually suffer.

Well-to-do Americans perpetually casting an indifferent eye while many of the country’s minorities and other disadvantaged peoples languish in a legacy pit of past injustice has directly led to the discontent we see spilling out onto the streets.  Mr. George Floyd’s merciless death was the spark that started the wildfire, but decades and centuries of past misdeeds provided a mountain’s worth of tinder.

On June 28th2020, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, a typical example of the nation’s privileged living blindly on “private property,” had protesters literally show up at their doorstep, and they proceeded to point loaded weapons at that crowd.

Did the McCloskey’s deserve to have their property disturbed?

Does that even matter?
The reality here is that eventually, society’s injustices will confront each and every one of us in some form.  Do what you can to help your fellow citizens, especially those less fortunate:  Get involved as a mentor with a family in need; press legislators for change that would provide funds for better education K-12 and post-high school to open up opportunities in these communities currently not available; advocate for after-school athletic and art centers so that young children can have a positive alternative to street life.

If you cannot advocate for this type of change based on a moral duty to your fellow man alone than PLEASE continue to BE SELFISH!! … and think of yourself… because like the McCloskey’s found out a few weeks ago, the ghosts of past injustices, if left unattended, will show up at your doorstep whether you choose to neglect that duty or not.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


11 Replies to “Be Selfish…. and Help!!!”

  1. I love this post! It really and truly sheds so much light on the truth, the hope and the down right dirty. It’s amazing that as we fight, march , protest and cry out, we’re still not clearly heard! They think all the tears shed are only about George Floyd when the truth is we’re still crying about Emmett Till ! If racists are kneeling on necks in broad daylight, imagine what they’re doing in HR departments, classrooms, hospitals and medical offices around the country. It’s bigger than just the police!

    1. Excellent points Pearl! Have to maintain a constant “protest” it seems and never stop pushing, even when things look calm on the surface.

  2. Your husband is so right! You can turn a blind eye to the injustices all you want but whether you like it or not it is always going to comeback to bite you. At some point you will be forced to acknowledge the injustices.

    1. I just want to add that as a history major I see the same cycle again and again. The privileged always think that for some reason they are immune to everything going on around them but they are so not. If anything their ignorance plays a big role in the start of every revolution.

    2. You sure will! I found it interesting that made a point to say “we weren’t angry at the Black people but the white guys that looked as if they had a weapon. LIES!!!

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