Breathe 3


Breathe 2

A day well spent, Savannah couldn’t stop thinking about Lucas.

Butterflies grew wildly in her stomach as she thought about seeing him again on Thursday…

She flung open her door to her quaint brownstone and leaped in the air. She landed on her plush white couch. Savannah wrapped her body up in her favorite soft grey throw, and for the first time in her life, she felt in control.

Mental Illness 0

Savannah 1

Hours passed and quickly grew into days. She laid on her couch, wearing her pink skirt and a pale pink tank top. She slowly sat up because the phone wouldn’t stop ringing. By the time she made it to the phone, it had finally stopped.

She was thankful… it could have been her mother, and she wasn’t in the mood for her, but then again, she never is.

Gradually life was coming back into her body, and her mind was capable of thought.

There had to of been over 100 messages on her cell phone. She knew that many clients had grown impatient, just like the others had in the past. She had a hard time keeping clients even though she was the best at redesigning spaces in homes and offices. But her mental illness prevented her from being great.

There were days that she could work on 3-4 spaces at the same time and seem to make everyone in awe of her work. Then there were moments like this… Her mind seemed miles away, and her vision was left blurry.

Some how she mustard up the strength to check her messages. She skipped over them quickly, just needed to hear the reason for the call.

Then suddenly, she froze and was left gasping for breath.

She heard the voice that had made her jubilant to have air in her body. It was Lucas!

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