The Wait Is Over ~September 3rd~

I feel like my heart can drop right out of my chest!

I’m sitting here watching pro and college football teams, and I’m staring at the Dline and Oline and literally watching their every move. Then, with excited hands, I grab my phone and send my son motivating and educational messages.

You’re probably thinking, “what can you possibly tell your son about the positions that he plays”?

You wouldn’t be entirely wrong for thinking that. The truth is I have zero clues about what I’m talking about. However, I sense that my son is sincere (I’m being sarcastic) when he replies;

 “Thanks, mom, that makes a lot of sense.”

And then he adds in, “Roger that.”

Okay, at this point, I’m rolling my eyes because I know he’s a smart ass. And he’s probably showing his friends my message so they can get a good laugh as well. So scratch the sincere comment from the record.

Then my husband has to make jokes about my advice because I may or may not have given my son advice based on a position that he doesn’t play. But in my defense, the point that I was making to my son was to use his hands more. 

End of discussion, damn it! 

He’s here because of my long nine months of carrying him, and don’t even get me started on LABOR! Therefore, I can voice any opinion, and they are both forced to hear it and shut it up.

So hopefully, my advice paid off because tonight’s game will be a lot tougher than the first two games. We have to come with our “A” game!!! And this football mom is ready to bring the heat in the stands.

Please wish us luck!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you choose mine, and I’m honored!


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