Saturday Nights….Not What They Use To Be

Motherhood strikes again!

Tonight I have my kids lined up.

One is getting is a blackhead treatment on her nose.

The other is getting oils that will help with his dry scalp ( I think its due to all the football camps and the Georgia heat beating down on his head)

Last, we have my oldest getting oils to maintain her shine and hair growth.

How’s your Saturday night?


12 Replies to “Saturday Nights….Not What They Use To Be”

  1. Lol, i have none of these sweet troubles anymore,
    Oh wait i have a few babies hanging on to me as i rock them to sleep
    And in the act i fall asleep

      1. Hahahaha…I bet. 😆😆Two boys over here, totally get it! You’re most welcome, my friend. Have a fantastic week!! ❤️

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