I Did A Thing….Car Repair

My car is finally paid off!!!! 7 months early, by the way.

However, you know what you get when you have a paid-off car?

Yes, you guessed it, extra trips to the repair shop because your crap is breaking down. Well, maybe not breaking down, but it definitely needs more TLC.


In September, I took it three times for maintenance, and the last time I left so freakin pissed. When I opened my car door, the smell almost knocked me over. It was a mix between bad breath and smelly feet. The mechanic left a muddy shoe print on the driver’s placemat and handprints on my dashboard.

Dirt and smells are easy for me to pick up in my car because I am a neat freak. If you walk into my house, you will not see a thing out of place. Luckily my kids are the same way. Well, now they are. When they were little, they were your typical kids, crap everywhere. But they cleaned up when they were done playing for the day.

Oh, and smells… I have candles burning and plugins throughout my house and my car. Plugins are in my car, not candles! I’m not that obsessed.

Anyway, the stinky order coming from my car was too powerful for my plugins.

Luckily for the mechanics, I wasn’t feeling my best that day, so I rolled down my windows and drove home without making a fuss. Lord knows that I would have raised HELL in that place and quite possibly through something if someone felt the need to get sassy with me on a better day.

After That

I don’t want to see any of them again after that incident. Which, is beyond frustrating because they’re so close to my house. The convenience level is insane.

But whatever… they will never get my business again.

I’ll Be My Own Mechanic.

A week after the incident, I went to open my hutch, and it would not open. It kept making a loud clicking sound like it wanted to open but just didn’t want to enough! My first thought was no way am I giving another dime to any mechanic.

And like I said, there is no way in hell, Pep Boys will see me again!

So after two days of contemplating this issue, I took matters into my own hands.

I went into my garage and did this!

You could have chosen any video to watch, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. Lol… pep boys, need a pep-talk on customer service! I’m glad you kept your cool in a heated moment:) and Kudos on paying your car off, that’s big time and now you fixing on it. You Go!

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