The One Where: She No Longer Faked A Smile

Because of my love for the sitcom “Friends,” my theme this month is dedicated to that love. The title of every sitcom started with “The One Where.”

Have you ever walked past someone and they were staring at you? So you think, well, let me fake a smile, and then they don’t smile back! OHHHH, how I hate that. Really burns me up inside, and I always want to say, “WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME.”

Actually, in my younger days, I have said that.

But I know now it’s a little more couth to hold your tongue and ignore rude stares.

My mom use to always tell me that maybe just maybe, they are thinking something positive while they are looking at you. For instance, one day, my mom and I were grocery shopping, and the cashier stopped ringing up our groceries and just stared at me.

I said, “why are you looking at me.”

She said, “Oh, I just thought you would be a lot prettier if you smiled.”

I said, “don’t worry about me and keep ringing up our groceries.”

My mom thought that was hilarious and tells the story to folks all the time. She didn’t believe that was offensive to say to me and that somehow that was a compliment.

But you see, that’s not how my brain is wired. I thought the comment was rude.

If I see you looking at me, then I automatically think that you are thinking something negative. Especially if I’m trying to be polite and flash you a smile, and I get nothing in return.

Yes, my smile is fake, but at least I’m trying to be polite.

So let’s fast forward to Covid-19 times.

Hear I am…or more like we, wearing these hot mask, and everyone is mainly to frustrated to stare at each other. Therefore, I no longer have to fake a smile, and that feels so good. Mostly because I’m quite militant, and I would like to be left alone unless I know you. I’m the type of person that would rather not make eye contact and stay away from pointless chit chatter. However, if I see you looking, then I will muster up a fake smile, but you better smile back.

This fakeness took effort!

You could have chosen any blog to read but you chose mine and I’m honored!


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  1. Smiles often can relax awkwardness between strangers… but I agree, wearing a mask sometimes you can hide behind it… Btw I am nominating you for an award soon!

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