Easy Come Easy Go

When you are a wellness coach, you learn quickly to detach your feelings from your clients. If you don’t, you will often sit wondering where did I go wrong as a coach.

Dear John Letter

Many days I have let a client ruin my entire mood because I felt like I failed them. Whenever I received a Dear John letter, I would think about all of the things I could’ve done to keep them encouraged. But the truth is I do my part every single time. I send out weekly schedules, meal ideas, I talk to my clients virtually or via phone once or twice a week, and if they have concerns, they know they can get ahold of me Monday through Friday. You can text me on Saturdays if you are in dire need.

Eager To Join

Whenever I get a new client, I hear the eagerness in their voice, and their excitement level is through the roof. I like to calm them down and bring them back to reality before I send them my fittest. I tell them that the process is not easy, and by the end of week one or two, you will want to give up. That’s when you need to cling on to me as tight as you possibly can.

Middle Ground

Right, when we hit the midway point of the journey, I get a call and always tell my clients that they will, in fact, do this. They call me up and sound deflated. I talk them off the cliff, and we move on with intensity and a brand new focus. However, by this point, I know if I will get another call in a week or a Dear John Letter in a couple of weeks.

Eager To Go

With a heavy heart, I read many, many, many Dear John Letters. I never get used to them, but I deal with it a lot better than I use to. I know that it’s not my failure; I get that now. So to deal with my sadness, I just say,

Easy Come Easy Go……..

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