Never take relationship ADVICE from these people

Well, you can, but don’t expect it to be accurate!

Last week I was sitting outside by the pool at a spa, and I overheard a conversation that ticked me off. So I thought to myself, okay, there are many types of people that can offer sound advice, and then there are those that have been bitten and now are bitter and vengeful. And that’s not even the worse of, the worse.

So I was sitting here wondering why a woman would take advice about her relationship or marriage from an unmarried woman. If you haven’t been married before or for a substantial period, your advice isn’t needed, nor is it welcomed.

 I literally cringed when I heard a single lady tell a married woman that “she doesn’t have to call her husband when she’s out of town. 

What the hell!!! Yes, you do! It shouldn’t be a chore to call your husband and tell him that you are safe and sound. You should want your significant other to hear your voice before going to sleep. Then I heard the single lady say, “why does he ask you so many questions when you’re on the phone with him.” Not only was the single lady saying this, but a newly divorced woman had the audacity to chime in with her evaluation.

The newly divorced relationship expert said, (I’m being sarcastic) “Have you ever suspected him of cheating? Maybe he is, and that’s why he doesn’t trust you when you’re out with your girlfriends.

Due to my eavesdropping, I have many areas to cover, and I can’t wait to share these topics with you. But for now, let’s dive into everything that’s wrong with the conversation between these three ladies.

Things that stood out

  • Anger
  • Misunderstanding
  • Wrongfully accusing someone they don’t know
  • Marriage bashing
  • Unrealistic suggestions

When the single ladies were talking, I heard anger behind their voices. It was shocking that they were automatically jumping to conclusions and accused the married lady’s husband of cheating and then said he should back off and give her room to breathe. Finally, the divorced lady confessed that her marriage ended because her husband had similar characteristics.

She was out of place because no one can vouch as to why her marriage ended. Nor can she firmly suggest that her husband was similar to someone she doesn’t know.

You have no idea how badly I wanted to jump into this conversation by first shaking the hell out of the single women and telling them to stop giving terrible advice. Their advice was clearly making the married woman think that they were right and her husband may be up to something.

The married lady left the table to take a phone call, and that’s when the real conversation started. Part two tomorrow!

Let me know your thoughts on the situation so far.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


15 Replies to “Never take relationship ADVICE from these people”

      1. AGREED! And I would’ve been like and if that’s what you believe, I can see why your still single! Love this!

  1. If I were part of a couple, communication would be a joy, not a chore. I’d want to hear my beloved’s voice if I went out of town, and I’d hope he’d want to hear mine. Part of the reason so many of my relationships failed is because men don’t bother to communicate…

    1. That’s how I feel Paula!!!! Soyo you are lucky enough to fnig a man that wants to communicate, KEEP HIM! They actually told her that he was to clingy because he calledd so much. HUGE EYE ROLL!!!!

  2. Oh I am so with you on this too, as always!! I have a conclusion that married women should not take any advice form friends, period. Work it out with real experts, or then the friends have to be of a noble category with highest integrity, undersatnding and intention. God I get triggered with bad advice that creates more trouble in a marriage than ever can be!

  3. Sorry girlfriend, I read this post after reading your next post, but just be mindful of who you receive advice from and are they qualified to give such advice? SMH 🤦🏽‍♀️ Don’t ask, don’t tell. 😉😱🤷🏽‍♀️

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