Now that’s LOVE

I have decided to talk LOVE talk for the entire month in honor of Valentine’s. If you haven’t viewed my posts so far, I would be delighted for you to browse through my blog. Here are a few links. LoVe is Rare. Rare lady of mine Monday I LOVe you buddy Workout because you LOVE your body.

My husband cracks me up, and sometimes I wonder if he needs glasses for more than reading. When he looks at me when I first wake up, he smiles and always says, “good morning, beautiful,” and I’m like, “huh.”

Now I’m not saying I look like who done it and why but I for damn sure don’t look beautiful. 

I mean, here I am laying on my pillow with my favorite black scarf on, which I’m sure after a long night’s sleep, my scarf is crooked and barely hanging on. Also, there is crust in my eyes, and did I mention I usually wake up with a frown. So yeah, I’m crusty with a bad attitude.

I always wake up with positive thoughts and gratitude, but I don’t show it. On the other hand, my husband goes to sleep smiling, wakes up smiling, and is a morning person. And because of how opposite we are, I always think, “what the hell is wrong with him?

Then to add to my already awkward-looking morning self, he will go downstairs to make me breakfast. While I’m waiting for breakfast, he’ll bounce upstairs with a cup of juice or water for me. Mind you; I still have my scarf on. I refuse to take it off until I know my hair will no longer touch the pillow. But he acts as if I have on makeup, hair done, and wearing a cute outfit.

But nope, I’m looking like this……..

Now that’s LOVE!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. Now, you do KNOW “beautiful” doesn’t entail everything you’ve mentioned. That’s society’s description of what “beautiful” is. When your husband looks at you, I’m sure he sees your soul, your good heart, the mother of his children, and the woman who said “yes” to him for life, and . . . your endless beauty too when you wake up in the morning.

    Girl, you better recognize. Lol. I love this post, though. Lol.

    1. LOL!!! I hope so because in my eyes I’m looking like I roll dice to pay my bills 🤣
      Thanks girlie I appreciate that reminder though because it is a thought that I have quite often 🤦🏽‍♀️

  2. Guuuurrrrrlllll, Belladonna you are a trip and a half. 😜 That photo looks like the Bride of Chucky! LMAO 😆😲😂😅🤣 But girl, when our beau’s can accept us to wake up, not expecting us to look like those women in full makeup with good smelling breath and detangled hair flowing over our pillowcases like the women on soap operas, honey, you got a keeper.💖💞💓 That right there is some deep LOVE when they don’t take off down the road like Speedy Gonzalez, when we turn over looking like something from the Rocky Horror Picture Show! 😲😱👺

  3. This is a beautiful post about how beautiful true love is 🙂
    Also yes – someone who goes to bed smiling, wakes up smiling, stays smiling, what’s wrong with him? – that’s how normal the opposite is LOL I think we don’t do it even if we could because it is not that normal and all hahaha

  4. I get this. My husband wakes up, immediately gets ready for work, then has the audacity to come downstairs where I’m inhaling a cup of coffee, still in my usual morning haze, and talk to me. Like about important things, in detail. Just too annoying, but I love him…

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