Saturdays Are For Training

I can’t think of a better day to train!

I see you rolling your eyes, and I hear mumbling, saying she must be crazy. “Saturday is my cheat day, so I’ll start fresh on Monday.”

Please don’t do it! 

Wake up and make one or two decisions that will put you in a winning position. You don’t have to do anything drastic like run 6 miles when you’re not used to walking a 1/2 of a mile. I’m not asking you to starve yourself today and just challenging you to go for a walk and choose oatmeal over a donut.

One of the primary keys to losing weight and getting into ideal health is to remain consistent. That’s why I’m not too fond of strict dieting. It’s impossible to stay effortlessly moving in the right direction.

When I have clients telling me they have one or two cheat days and looking for full-time results, I chuckle. Then I get serious. And tell them that I am not the trainer for them because if you want to lose weight or, more importantly, feel good internally, you have to be committed every day! This might not sound easy but let me explain.

The Big PLAN not a DIET

We all need to follow a routine and take it one day at a time.

My routine kind of looks like this: I wake up, eat my oatmeal, drink coffee, 3 ounces of pure cranberry juice mixed with three ounces of orange juice, and have at least 30 ounces of water, and then go for a 10-minute walk or cycle for 10 minutes.

Then I make up all the beds (because It’s a part of my routine, so I prefer to make everyone’s). Next up is laundry and then clients and blogging. This followed with a 30-minute workout, cooking dinner, more clients, lunch, and a 30-45 minute workout.

My daily goal is to have dinner on the table no later than 6:45 unless someone has a late practice. Then when Saturday rolls around, I have to make a choice.

  • Do I throw the whole day/week away?
  • Do I make some minor modifications?

Make modifications and stay focused, don’t throw the day away for food. Because when Monday rolls around you will be kicking yourself for stepping too far away from the plan you committed to. It doesn’t take much lounger than a day to undo all of your progress you made that week.

So stay focused and make this your hardest training day of the week.

You could have chosen any blog to read but, you chose mine and, I’m honored!


10 Replies to “Saturdays Are For Training”

  1. Guuuurrrrrllll, how did you see me rolling my eyes! LMBO 😂😆🤣 Stay the course sista’. Unfortunately I made a banana pudding yesterday (lots of bananas to get my “potassium” in) and the wafers, well, I’ll figure out the nutritional value about that next week! 😁😲😂 Just kidding…no I’m not. I am guilty and there ain’t a daggone thing I can do about it today, because I have already sinned! 🥵

      1. LMBO…thank’s for your understanding Coach!!! 💪🏼 And that banana pudding was a wonderful forbidden fruit! Besides, it did contain bananas (for my potassium intake…just a reminder)! 🤣😆😂

      1. Ah, word okay. That makes perfect sense to me. Language is so powerful, and what we create when we speak is how it goes, I think….😅

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