It’s Not Food It’s People

I’ve never laughed so hard!

But then again, it’s easy to make me laugh. I look for things to laugh at, and boy oh boy, when I find it, it’s on and poppin. I’ve been known to hit when I laugh and not to mention I just might blow out a few ear drums.

All my life, people have told me they heard me coming from a mile away. At this point in my life, that isn’t changing. In fact, I think my laugh is a little louder than it used to be.

I married someone that constantly makes me laugh, and our kids are little comedians too.

I can’t imagine being in my house and not hearing someone laugh throughout the day. If tension is tricky, and if I can tell my kids are stressed about something, I will do one of two things.


Put on one of our very sitcoms and blast it so they can all hear it and come down to the family room for some a little time out and LAUGH! My go-to’s are Modern Family, The Office, Blackish, and oldies like Jeffersons, Good Times, and Sanford and Son.


If we don’t have time for a significant break, I will go into their rooms when they leave out; I’ll hide. Then when they least expect it, I jump out! Please don’t feel bad for them because they do this to me ALL THE TIME.

I love to laugh is so intense, that instead of listening to music in the car, I tune into the Foxx Hole and every other old-school comedy station on Sirius radio. I have a pretty racy sense of humor, so I’ve picked up some goodies over the years.

I’m always on the prowl for some good jokes, and my 11 year old knows that “ole too well.”

The other day we were driving to basketball practice, and she said that someone (not going to name any names) was the Walmart version of Tom Holland!

You guys, I laughed so hard; tears were streaming down my face. I glanced over at my baby girl, and she was on her back and grabbing her stomach as she belted out the loudest laugh.

I had so many questions regarding when we start saying people were the Walmart version of someone else.

After gaining control of myself, I asked her, “when did we start comparing people and not food”? I know some of you uptight folks out there might be thinking this is cruel, and maybe I should have corrected her and not laughed about it. And to you, I say, “SHUT IT .”

It’s my blog, and I’ll laugh if I want to!

Stop having a Walmart since of humor

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


11 Replies to “It’s Not Food It’s People”

  1. I agree dear Belladonna. Laugher make the house feel good and when you make someone laugh in love. This kind of love last forever. I enjoyed your wonderful thoughts this morning.

  2. The office is my go – to. (the US version) – some ppl find it super cringe but I love it. Because of the cringe. I am based in London in UK and we do have a UK version but it’s nowhere near as good as the US one.

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