It Takes Two To Tango

Day 13 of 30

Mind, Body, and Soul Transformation

Wait….what your husband babysits?

Babysit hell…these are his kids too, it takes two to tango!

Those were always my go-to words when someone asked me that stupid question. I never thought of my husband as a baby sitter, nor did I think of myself in that fashion. We are parents, and therefore, we share the responsibility of taking care of and watching our kids.

I remember this one night so clearly. I was out having dinner with a good friend. She invited her friend that was visiting her to join us. She annoyed me at first sight. I wanted to back out of dinner when I found out she was tagging along with us.

She had an I’m better than you type of air about her. But I can see right through that, I know an insecure woman when I see one. It’s a tale-tale sign when you have to toot your own horn.

And boy did she!

After significant mental debate, I decided to meet for dinner. So we met in the city at the Melting Pot. I figured if (we will call her Stacey), Stacey worked my nerves; at least I had a delicious pot of chocolate to calm me down.

We meet, we hug and say our hellos and then BAM!!!  Stacey takes a sip of her drink, tosses her hair over her shoulder, and says, “wow, I’m so shocked that you’re husband allowed you to come out”. She continues to say. “I wouldn’t ever leave my husband alone to handle three small kids that just seems so heartless.”

At that point, I was done and had enough. But I kept calm and told Stacey.

Unlike you, I have been blessed to marry my best friend, my equal, a man that honors and respects me. When I return home, my house will be clean, kids will be sleep, my favorite bottle of wine will be present, and candles will be lit. I know you’ve been single and searching for a man for an astronomical amount of time and left to dance in this world alone. So you must have forgotten… it takes two to tango.

She left and my friend and I had a lovely meal together.

You could have chosen any blog to read but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


6 Replies to “It Takes Two To Tango”

  1. Wow I can’t believe people still think it’s the womans responsibility to take of the children. Like you said it takes two to tango- they’re just as much his kids and his responsibility as they are yours.

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  2. 😂 I have met so many people like this it is absolutely ridiculous. And what’s worst she continues to perpetuate this stereotype that women are here to serve men. Gtf Real recognize real and cv obviously you knew better. I don’t know if I could have stand a minute with her lol 😆

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    1. I could not stand her!! She was not married and don’t have kids m. She felt like she was the next Oprah and we should all look and envy her life! Took everything I had not to knock her out. But my words did and she left. Thank God!!

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