Peace In Boredom

They go hand in hand, you know.

Some search for peace in all the wrong places. Searching for love, acceptance, friends, and during this entire process, they are throwing away the one key thing they already have… BOREDOM! When we are bored, we think it’s the end of the world, and nothing could get worse.

Why are we shaped to believe that? Like sitting down and reading a book or watching our favorite movies, or hanging out with our family means we no longer have a life. In my eyes; that is the best life to have.

The other day I was watching “Everybody Loves Raymond,” and Debra was having the case of the blahs because she was spending her days taking care of her three kids, cooking, and trying to keep the house pulled together. She looked like she would give it all up for a night out with the girls. Let me insert a YUCK right here. A night out with the girls is so overrated and comes with so many different bad attitudes and will leave you with a wasted night. The type of night that makes you say, “well shit, that could’ve gone better.”

I’ve had enough of those nights to know that Debra is better off at home and enjoying this boring moment.

Bored Moments Comes With So Much

The older I get, the more I love my boring moments. It feels so liberating to not be a part of he said she said bull and having to pick sides. You don’t have to worry about folks that don’t have a husband and kids trying to get you to hang out with them. When you’re bored, all you feel is PEACE! I’m such a homebody so that five-letter word sounds like music to my ears. My home means everything to me. So when you step through my front door, peace will hit you in the forehead.

My candles are always lit, my house is spotless all the time, you will hear soft music playing or a funny TV show. And not to mention laughter. Having a good laugh and feeling safe in your home is priceless and creates peace.

My home might seem boring to some and to those I say YOU GET IT! There is peace in my boredom and I would never change that.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


14 Replies to “Peace In Boredom”

  1. I absolutely agree with you! There is so much peace in boredom and a peaceful life can seem all boring to those addicted to all the drama and intensity of life. There is such deep joy and luxury in the very plain moments of life. A gift of time with those that happen to share space with us.

  2. You’re spot on with this one, Bella! Sadly, it took me getting older before I realized it. I partied hard when I was 18 and a senior in high school and I should’ve spent that time reading and learning. Now, I love being a homebody! What I considered punishment years ago, I look forward to now. 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing think peace for me meant different things at different points in my life now reading a book, relaxing, meditating watching a good movie gives me all the peace and joy I need. But my younger self would be like to that is not peace that is not having a life lol.

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