Sex Should Be Free

Call me old school, but I think sex should be free. 

Look after yourself Friday

How did you look after yourself today? The goal of looking after yourself is to end the day better than you started it. You could've chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I'm honored! ~Belladonna~

That Like Is Extra

Repost Alert! Goes great with my post from yesterday. Didn't read it? Here ya go Quote of the day In my younger years, I was my worse critic! It didn't matter what I accomplished; I still felt as though I could do better. I knew that I could be better in every aspect of my life. …

Hey; How you doin

I've noticed lately that when I'm greeted with a " Hi, How are you doing?" I often reply with an "I'm here" After I say it, the other person says, "I know that's right." Then I respond with, "The struggle is real." Here is the bottom line, I'm over it and will no longer say …