Korean Mother’s Day Dishes!! — Sammicakes

Today’s word of the day is explore, and thats exactly what I did last Sunday when I made Korean dishes for mother’s day! Asian cuisine is my mom and I’s favorite, so I wanted to go all out. We had a big pot of rice to go with all of it, as well as our […]

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The Roommate

So today, my daughter found a girl with similar likes, and they decided that they should be roommates.  Read More

Six-Word Story

Late Night Chit Chat Gone Wrong

Self Doubt

I have always carried self-doubt. From time to time I’ve doubted if I was good enough and wondering if I could step up to plate and be a good mom. Read More

Happy Mother’s Day Eve

Happy Mother’s Day Eve!

I, for one, am feeling very enthusiastic about celebrating Mother’s Day. Every day I put my family’s needs before my own and damn it I need recognition for all I do! Read More

Six-Word Story

Today I Ran With Ahmaud Arbery



Don’t shoot my son!

I have a son that is 6’3 and weighs 230 pounds. He likes to work out in our neighborhood and can often be found running/walking our dog. Read More