Ready..Set.. FLY


On Saturdays, we train like it’s Monday!

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I hope you all had a wonderful veteran’s day and stayed safe. I saw pics of all the barbecue that was consumed and delicious desserts being served. Read More

Get Up and Move With Me

Over the last few weeks, my Instagram page and Facebook have been flooded with workout routines. So many people are going live, and we are all exercising together. I have done tons of videos on my IG stories, and I tell ya I am having the time of my life. Read More

You Got Time!

As a trainer, the one thing I always hear from my clients is, “I don’t have time.”

Trust me, I get it. We don’t all have time to make extravagant meals every day or hit our step goals. It is unrealistic for me to expect my clients to do something that I too struggle with. During my first virtual meeting with my clients, I let them know that I am a mom of 3, I have a husband that travels, and all of my kids are involved with sports. Read More

Beast This Shit Out

I see you looking at those donuts! Put that mess down and get ready to boost that immune system.

The time is now to get your body all the way together!

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Do You Feel It?

The earth is alive; and she knows it!

Do you feel it?

She rose from her bed with a sense of urgency and landed on her feet with a thud. The sun was piercing her soul and she couldn’t help but be excited with what, the day was sure to unfold.

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Holiday Fitness Challenge

We made it! I have talked my head off about the challenge of a lifetime and now here we are. I am so excited to tell you what’s to come, so without further ado here is all the information you need to get started.

  1. Send me your email address so I can enroll you in the program
  2. I will send you a form that will take 1 minute to complete.
  3. Make one payment for 70.00 (can be on the link below)

4.  This payment will get you 3 months of unlimited access to Beach Body on Demand, meal ideas, and one on one training with me for a month.

5. Every Sunday I will send you a complete list of workouts that must be completed every day. Sunday is your only off-day

You could have joined any challenge but you joined mine and I’m honored.


Do I Dare

The journey began on Monday morning, and as of today, I am hooked. I’m sore but none the less hooked. I woke up on Monday morning in search of a new workout. They desperately need to be switched up, or boredom will set in.  Then I’ll lose sight of what my goals are.

I understand what you’re thinking 

Now, I know that I’m a trainer, and I’m supposed to stay pumped up and ready to workout no matter what. However, that couldn’t further from the truth. We get tired and need a motivator too. I feed off of positive energy just like everyone else, especially during the fall and winter. My body doesn’t like to move when the temperatures take a dive. I drag out of bed, kicking and screaming and just want to bury my head under the warm covers.

Definitely would if I could, but I can’t so up I go!

So, I pushed my kids out the door for school, took Larry for a walk, made all the beds.

I stared at the wall for a second in a profound daze. Then, I stumbled over to my Keurig to make a strong cup of coffee.

After I checked my emails, I began my search for a new Beachbody on Demand workout. I scrolled looking for a sweet face because maybe he/she would be a little less intense then what I’m used to. After a 30 minute search, I found a pretty little redhead named Jericho, and I thought okay she looks pleasant. Plus, the name of the program seemed catchy, “Core De Force.”

Cute name, right? Plus mixed martial arts… okay, let’s do this!

Spider Monkey Lady

20 minutes later, I’m dripping in sweat, and I began to question my whole life. She tricked me with her sweet and innocent face. Yes, the program cover looks intense, but if you have ever heard her talk or saw her smile, you would totally think that she was nurturing and super chill during her workouts. Turns out she’s a spider monkey!

At the end of the workout, I collapsed on the floor and thought I kinda like this.

I think I’m a little cray cray!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


Let it Be…​ Day 1

How often do we think about others and put ourselves on the back burner? How often do we say I will worry about my health, appearance, happiness tomorrow? My kids and spouse come first, and I’ll take care of me next. But what happens when you’re next just doesn’t arrive? Read More

The Most Effective Weightloss Plan

Have you ever sat in the gym and listened to random chit chatter about losing weight? Not that I’m eavesdropping, but people talk so loud. Which is one reason I refuse to workout without headphones. Read More