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Day 18 of 30

Mind, Body, and Soul Transformation

Happy Monday!!!!

The sun is shining, and we are all blessed with another opportunity to be great. So get up and let’s make the most of this day and this week. We might be shut in, but that doesn’t mean we have to be grouchy and grumpy!

I wanted to start off my week with a poll. Well, several surveys. I am so interested in what people like and don’t like. I swear I annoy the people who are blessed to see me daily. Just kidding, I know I get on their nerves. I ask a lot of questions!

Okay, so my first poll is exercise-related.

Do you prefer to workout WITH WEIGHTS or WITHOUT WEIGHTS

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Let it Be…​ Day 1

How often do we think about others and put ourselves on the back burner? How often do we say I will worry about my health, appearance, happiness tomorrow? My kids and spouse come first, and I’ll take care of me next. But what happens when you’re next just doesn’t arrive? Read More

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The Most Effective Weightloss Plan

Have you ever sat in the gym and listened to random chit chatter about losing weight? Not that I’m eavesdropping, but people talk so loud. Which is one reason I refuse to workout without headphones. Read More

How To Fail On Your Diet

Do you want to know how to fail on your diet? I have lots of experience at this and I’m not ashamed to admit it either. Failing was a part of my journey and that’s why I became interested in the health and fitness industry. Trust and believe that I am a pro at failing and I learned from all my mistakes. So hopefully I can help a few people with this post.

The number one complaint I get from clients is, I can’t lose weight from any diet that I try.

What do you think I’m going to say?

STOP GOING ON DIETS!!!!! You have to make a lifestyle change and do something that is sustainable for the rest of your life. Diets are okay If you have to lose a massive amount of weight because your doctor is concerned about your test results. But they will place you on a specific diet that will help you get into a safe place. Then you have to take over from there and learn how to make better choices in all areas of your life.

Firstly please know that sleep deprivation will cause you to keep on unhealthy weight as well as cause chronic conditions, ages you, cause depression and that’s just to name a few. Choosing a good bedtime is just as important as choosing a healthy meal or drinking water instead of soda.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with trying the Keto diet if you are trying to jump-start your weight loss. But I do have concerns and would advise all my clients to see a certified nutritionist if they wanted all their meals to be Keto based for longer than a week. You want to make sure that you are getting the appropriate amount of nutrients and a nutritionist will see that you are.

I personally have to choose Keto or low carb meals for my dinner. Me and carbs have an evil relationship. I can NOT eat carbs after 3:00 pm. I found that out after years of battling with weight. Now don’t get me wrong I do eat carbs, but just not for dinner.

I wish everyone well on their weight loss journey. I smell success ahead!

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One Year Down…​Thank You For Giving Me A Chance

It has officially been 1 year since I started this particular blog and I have been welcomed into the blog world with open arms. I have to admit that every time I write something I second guess myself. I wonder if it’s interesting enough to get you to come back and view another post. I always try to just be myself and that alone is scary.

I remember when I first started my blog I was approached by a well known public figure and he gave me THE BEST pointer. He told me if I wanted my blog to be successive then I had to remain truthful to myself. Choose topics that hit me deep in my core and then just go. Talk the way I do every day, and make sure my personality is present at all times. When he told me this I said well what if people don’t like me or what I have to say?

He responded, “Do you have friends”? “Do they like to engage with you”? “After 17 years does your husband still like you and engage with you”? But most importantly “Do you like you and find yourself interesting”? I thought fair enough!

So here we go! My content is going to be bananas this year, filled with food, diets, crafts, workouts, real talk, and my Life. I am elated to welcome you all to my world.

I know that there are thousands and thousands of blogs that you could have joined or read but you chose mine and I’m honored!


I’m Not That Kind Of Lady

There are these ideas floating around in the universe about what makes you lady. Has anyone ever told you that you curse like a man? Or better yet, your arms are looking manly so you might want to calm it down with those weights. I actually had a man tell me that my thighs were bigger than his as if that means anything. What did he think I was going to do? Dramatically fall down to the ground and cry my eyes out.

My thighs are big. I squat, lift, cycle with high resistance, and I run. If I wanted little bird legs than I would stop doing all those things. But I like looking strong and being strong. My strength is something that no one can take from me. I won’t be shamed into thinking that my muscle makes me less of a lady.

I’ll never forget when I returned home for the first time after basic training. I was in the best shape of my life. 5’6 and a half and 175 pounds. Mind you before basic training I weighed 132 – 138 pounds. I ate and trained like a crazy lady. No one outworked me. Anyways, I came to visit my parents because I had a few weeks before the spring semester of my freshmen year began. A few of my friends were in town visiting and I could not wait to see everyone. But quickly my emotional state changed greatly. My emotions were overcome by the “wow you look just like your brother” (He is a massive, muscular athlete). I would be rich if a had a quarter for every “dang you look like a man” comment. Consequently, most of the men they knew were out of shape dads with a beer belly.

I on the other had a flat, tight stomach and legs that could crack walnuts. None of their dads could do that. Here I was at 18 just becoming a lady and told that a lady is what I wasn’t. If I wanted to be a lady then I needed to drop back down to 132 pounds.

I wish I had the frame of mind that I have now. The things that I would have said may make you blush. Let me correct that, you most definitely would have blushed and dropped your jaw in a amazement.

People listen to me!!!! Muscle is beautiful, it’s sexy and it will keep you from injury when you are working out and everyday life. The older we get the more we need weights in our life. Yo will not “look like a man” whatever that means. Fall in LOVE with you and your curves.

You could have chosen any blog but you chose mine and I’m honored.