Sometimes That’s What It Takes

Day 9 0f 30

Mind, Body and Soul Transformation

The other day I was going to bring life to an immature individual that is trapped Read More

So What!

Often times I sent back, and I just watch people. How they move and interact with one another. How they take an unspoken, hidden glance at each other.

I especially love the hidden glance.

There is so much packed into a silent stare. Their eyes were quickly searching over someone’s body and fixated on the parts that they hate about themselves. It may even be an internal fixation. You can’t see someone’s heart, but you can feel how it electrifies a room. Read More

It’s My Fault He Cheated

This Particular Friday In September wasn’t different from any other Friday. I walked in, ready to begin our session. She is prepared to take her life back, and losing weight will give her the confidence that she needs to do so. We started off talking and catching up on how her morning was, making a list of what she ate the day before and making sure she took in enough calories. Which was one of her main problems these days. She worked out a little too much and didn’t replenish her body enough. That’s where I come in as her voice of reason.

When I noticed the change Read More