New Tricks…. Old Gal

It doesn’t matter how you feel!

If you are over 40, then you are an old dog…. at least that’s what your metabolism is saying.

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Six Word Story

She distanced herself to save herself!


Truth is…..

Have you ever felt that someone was struggling with liking you? I always feel the pull. Read More

Operation Get Your Life Together

Do you feel like your life is a mess? I’m talking about you and you alone. Not your children or your husband, just you.

If you said yes, then know that you aren’t alone. Read More

Loving Who You Are

In order to change yourself, you have to LOVE yourself. Respecting where you are in your life is the most significant step you have to take to evolve. The day that you take a good look at all, your blessings are the day that you can create a better life. Being ashamed of the way you look and how much weight your carrying is the absolute wrong approach. Read More