My Stress Is On Vacation

Let me share with you my current situation in the hope that it will help you have a better day. Okay, so my day started with me in a mood of all moods. I swear there were horns on my head when I looked in the mirror this morning.

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The Mortgage Is Due On The First

No matter how you slice and dice it, we all know that the mortgage is due on the first. You can buy whatever you need or want, but you better put aside enough for the mortgage. I know we all want to have fun and live a little. Which, to some, may mean to stop worrying about the bills that are due and focus on the now. Living in the moment!

I’m guilty of living in the now, and then I have buyers’ remorse and return everything. I literally have expenses written out to the penny, and I leave a little room for the kids must-haves that they tell me about at the last minute. I keep that little cushion because I refuse to put my hand in our savings account.

I treat my body like I do my mortgage. If you are good with bills, then you will nail this too.

If I were to ask you how long do you want to live?

I doubt that I will get an overwhelming amount of folks to say, “Oh, I’m ready to go now, I’m totally ready to check out.” But instead, I assume we all want to live a long healthy, happy, and productive life.

So if this is true for you, then this is what I have to say.

Make healthy deposits into your life every day. Think twice about what you are putting into your body and make it a habit to read the labels on every food item you purchase. I urge you to be cautious about the time of day or night that you are eating. I know that night time is the most challenging because we tend to get a little snacky while we are up watching our favorite programs. I know the feeling, and I encourage you to eat. But make wise decisions and make sure you engaged in physical activity for a minimum of 30 minutes each day. Your body deserves that self-care and attention or in the end, you may suffer.

Suffer from all of the bad choices stacked on top of each other and leaving you with poor health in the end. Simply put, your body is just like your mortgage, at some point in the near future your bill will come due. So don’t spend all of your money on unnecessary things and now because of those items you’re homeless.

Why gamble with your mortgage money? When you know that the odds are not in your favor to win.

Why gamble with your health? When you know the odds are not in your favor to avoid high medical bills or early death.


treating your body like you do your mortgage. If you don’t,

your mortgage may not be the only bill due on the first.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


Our Love Trickles

It’s dark outside

the air is cold

I can feel the Christmas weather freezing my nose

My hands are so stiff that I can barely feel them

When someone touches them it shocks pain into my entire existence

But when I close my eyes all I feel is warmth

I smell fruit and lavender and my toes feel like they’re in sand

everything about the earth feels like a comforting day in July

My stress is on vacation and I am celebrating life

With you by my side I’m left with pride

Your love is what I hold dear

even though it’s what I used to fear

Now I see thier smiles

the bond they share

When we are both gone

Our love will live on

You could have chosen to read any blog but you chose mine and I’m honored.


Rare Lady Of Mine

I woke up to sunshine, and it quickly turned into rain and then thunder joined in. All of the chaos outside brought peace and calmness over my entire body. I sat Indian style on my bed in this newly built beautiful hotel room, that was covered with modern designs and plush white covers excitedly daydreaming about the events to come in the next few hours. I was about to marry my best friend, the one that God custom made just for me. Read More