Nope, it’s not June 19th anymore, and hat’s why I’m writing this. Black people have waited for equality forever and a day. And now, eyes are being opened up, and white people see what we have endured for a lifetime! Read More

How To Drop Crazy Weight

My Present conversation with dead weight!

Dear Dead Weight,

Your conversation is boring, my soul, and I feel my life coming to a halt every time you speak to me. The topic of discussion is always about you. “It’s as if stopping and saying how are you doing?” Will bring an end to your total existence. Read More

The Earth Is Your Stage And I Want You To Dance All Over It

It’s hard to be a woman. Many have tried, and many have failed!

If you want to be a woman of substance and strength, then you have to be willing to put yourself out there and fear nothing! When you walk into the room, you have to own it.

Confidence is how you win. Read More

Suicidal Thoughts Are Haunting My House

I’m sitting here pulling back the layers of my life…I can’t help but first go to all the things that caused me pain and absolute discomfort. You know the things that people either said or did to you that made you feel like your pure existence wouldn’t be missed. Not only would you not be missed, but you would be talked about in a negative way when your soul was finally at eternal rest. Read More