Forgive Me Well

Will You forgive me when my world grows dark

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The Ultimate Death Note


Over the last few weeks, I’ve received emails that broke my heart! And today’s email was just a shock and left me feeling sick to my stomach. It began like they all do…

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Don’t shoot my son!

I have a son that is 6’3 and weighs 230 pounds. He likes to work out in our neighborhood and can often be found running/walking our dog. Read More

The Sun Won’t Shine Forever

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, yet it feels like you are going to live forever. I don’t know about you, but I know that I am guilty of putting things off until tomorrow. I always say that as soon as I wake up, I will tackle it and then move on to the next big project. Read More

I Thought I Saw You Today

When the elevator door opened, my heart dropped. You looked absolutely beautiful in blue, and I always thought that you did. Your skin glows and has a subtle tint of red when the sunlight hits you, making your skin look warm and comforting to my soul. Read More

I’m Not A Coward Anymore

I remember before she died, her tone became harsh and other times silent with me. I can’t blame her because, at this point, she knew she was dying. She knew that her body was finally failing her. She battled with diabetes and went through dialysis for over 10 years. She had her leg amputated and learned how to walk again. When life kept throwing rocks at her, she caught them and laid them down softly out of her path. Read More