Whatever Works

Day 19 out of 30

Mind, Body and Soul Transformation

I was immediately pissed off with every jump this week. Let me explain…..

Imagine waking up and having to do whatever was barked at you to do. Read More

The Earth Is Your Stage And I Want You To Dance All Over It

It’s hard to be a woman. Many have tried, and many have failed!

If you want to be a woman of substance and strength, then you have to be willing to put yourself out there and fear nothing! When you walk into the room, you have to own it.

Confidence is how you win. Read More

J-LO And Shakira Set The Stage On Fire

I have to write two posts today.

I HAVE to… I am willing to fall behind on work to add my two cents.

There is so much OUTRAGE  about J Lo and Shakira’s half time performance. It’s insane to see that people are wondering how to explain this performance to there children. They don’t want their girls to think that a stripper pole is a way to go. Read More

Being Brave Enough To Imagine

There is something beautiful about an active imagination

It takes courage to imagine out loud. Expressing your desires for the world to hear will leave you wide open for criticism and negative opinions.

I will never forget this client I had when I lived in Florida. He was 75 years old, cranky Read More

One Year Down…​Thank You For Giving Me A Chance

It has officially been 1 year since I started this particular blog and I have been welcomed into the blog world with open arms. I have to admit that every time I write something I second guess myself. I wonder if it’s interesting enough to get you to come back and view another post. I always try to just be myself and that alone is scary.

I remember when I first started my blog I was approached by a well known public figure and he gave me THE BEST pointer. He told me if I wanted my blog to be successive then I had to remain truthful to myself. Choose topics that hit me deep in my core and then just go. Talk the way I do every day, and make sure my personality is present at all times. When he told me this I said well what if people don’t like me or what I have to say?

He responded, “Do you have friends”? “Do they like to engage with you”? “After 17 years does your husband still like you and engage with you”? But most importantly “Do you like you and find yourself interesting”? I thought fair enough!

So here we go! My content is going to be bananas this year, filled with food, diets, crafts, workouts, real talk, and my Life. I am elated to welcome you all to my world.

I know that there are thousands and thousands of blogs that you could have joined or read but you chose mine and I’m honored!


2019 I Welcome You

It’s a New Year and the beginning of the rest of your life. I don’t know about you but I love January 1st. This is my chance to refocus and reconnect with things and people that I am passionate about. I can brush up my visionary board and look at the things that I accomplished and things that still are waiting patiently for me to get to.

What are some of the things you want to accomplish this year? Please let me know and remember that nothing is too big or out of reach. Dream BIG and work HARD. If you have anyone in your life that doesn’t fit into those plans then politely boot them to the curb and move ahead.

This is your time to be great and to give thanks to God for blessing you with another moment. Another day. Another year. Make use of your time an dive into your passion…NO EXCUSES! Don’t waste time thinking about your plan too much because you will find that you have talked yourself right out of your dreams and aspirations. Trust me, I have done this many times and I learned the hard way. I have had plans then slowly told myself not today, not right now.

On this day January 1st, 2019, I tell myself why not today, why not right now, why not me! I am my biggest cheerleader and my biggest dream killer. I over think and suffer because I put myself on the back burner. But in 2018 I started living for Kelli and what she wants to do. Best decision I ever made. I planted seeds like it wasn’t nobodies business. Sometimes I felt like I was all over the place but I listened to God and just moved according to his plan.

2019 I welcome you with my head held high, arms reaching out to grab my blessings and a heart filled with praise.

I’m ready yall!

You could have chosen any blog to read but you chose mine and Im honored!