Six Word Story

You’re next love will last forever!

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Small Circle For The Win

Comfort! Are you comfortable with the circle you’re in?

The other day I took my daughter to a skate park, and I watched her go down several slopes, fall, get back up, and repeat. This went on for 90 minutes. She refused to give up, so I did what I do best, I cheered her on. Occasionally I would see her glance at the other skaters with full command over their boards, and I wondered what she was thinking. She has the type of face that you never really know what’s going on in that head of hers. My baby girl was born with a poker face. Which is totally unlike her mother.

When I’m disgusted, yaknowit! When I’m happy, yaknowit!

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I’m Not Okay

Slowly being able to admit that I’m not okay

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April Stats Made Me Smile

April was a big deal for me.

After two years, I have a total of 1208 WordPress!

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