Nope, it’s not June 19th anymore, and hat’s why I’m writing this. Black people have waited for equality forever and a day. And now, eyes are being opened up, and white people see what we have endured for a lifetime! Read More

Let Us Not Forget

When all of the speeches have been spoken, and all of the marches have been marched hold on to your why. May this image be forever locked in your brain. Read More

I Didn’t Ask To Be Black

Certain things in life chose us. Yet we are treated by many as if we’re given an option. Constantly being judged and thrown in a box with a freakish label. As if I’m less than because I’m not the same as.

When you walk into a restaurant or your favorite pricey retail store, all eyes or on you. Feeling the glare of wonderment blazing off the back of your neck:

“Can they afford to shop here?” Read More