Do You See Me

All we want is to be seen and heard. You may not agree with everything we are saying and that’s okay just acknowledge that fact that we are here. Some so many ladies will go through their entire life and not know what it’s like to be listened to. As well as being left to wonder if they are being seen or looked over. Yeah, you have said the L word but what does that mean without putting actions behind it.

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I Cheated The Whole Day


On Sunday morning I woke up washed my face, brushed my teeth, threw on some workout clothes, attempted to comb my hair and gave up really quickly, grabbed my cycle shoes and ran out the door. You see If I am working out early in the weekend then I need to stay focused and run out the door or, I will start folding laundry, putting dishes away, and start running my mouth talking a mile a minute ton, my husband. Which, he hears every other word if that. Continue reading “I Cheated The Whole Day”

The Best Revenge Is Living Well


How many times have you heard someone say that stress can kill you? I have heard that too many times and I’ve lost count. I was always thought that it was dumbest expression and even to this day I don’t like saying it. I know I don’t like repeating it because it was always stated without an educated explanation. However, over the years, I have dedicated my life to helping people lose weight and in some cases gain weight. Throughout both journeys trials and tribulations will come and you have to learn how to properly handle each one in order to live well. Continue reading “The Best Revenge Is Living Well”

I Thought I Lost You

The largeness of something depends on the angle from which we view it...

October 1st is one of my favorite days of the year because that’s the day that I became a mom. Some may argue and say that the day you found out about the baby is the big day and welcomed you into parenthood. I disagree. When you look into those eyes and see them looking back at you and feel their tiny hand grip your finger… that’s when you become a parent. Things are about to get real. Your life is no longer your life. Everything you do should be in the best interest of your baby. Your needs, wants and desires are put on the back burner and if you don’t like the way that sounds then please don’t have anymore.

My other two favorite days are February 10th and September 29th. We welcomed two more beautiful babies in the world and boy did we have to level up. As a woman, I was shocked at how much time I had to put in every single day. When they were all small I would put them down for a nap or just tell them to lay and rest for 30 minutes. While they were doing that I would just stare at the wall. Don’t even think I blinked for at least 10 of those minutes. Most days I was a tired and delusional soul.

I remember when Makenzie was born, Elijah was in kindergarten and he never wanted to do his homework. He cried and threw a fit every day and every day I had to threaten his life. Here I was waking up 3 times in the middle of the night with my newborn baby, and then as soon as she was cozy in my arms the alarm clock that I wanted to throw out the window would sound off. I would stumble downstairs and fix breakfast, comb hair and make sure my energetic son and mild-mannered daughter were ready to hit the car for drop off. I don’t know why I didn’t let them ride the bus back then. By the time I reached the house, it was time to feed Makenzie and get started on my routine.

Every growing day I lost a little piece of me. I don’t think I realized it until I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. Yes, I gained weight but it was more than the weight. It was more than what I saw it was what I didn’t see. That beam of light and determination was gone. I made sure there was light in everyone in my household and felled to see mine was gone. It’s hard for me to describe this discovery without getting drawn back into that painful moment. I made sure that I ran my household with little flaws and that took every bit of me. I left nothing in my pot and almost lost my own identity. All of a sudden I was Elijah’s wife, Samantha’s mom, Elijah’s Mom, and Makenzie’s mom. At that moment all I wanted to be was KELLI.

At this moment and forever more that’s who I am first…KELLI

Refusing to lose me!

You could have chosen to read any blog but you chose mine and I’m honored!







Definitely Not My Prince Charming

The Damsel in distress is the classic theme in literature, films, and art. Here we have this beautiful lady with her heart made of gold and all the animals are drawn to her. But she is imprisoned by an evil being and only her one true love can save her. Okay, there is that and then we have sleeping beauty which the one I really can’t stand. The only person that could wake her is her one true love. YUCK.

But, I can totally chill with Belle. She was not tolerating crap and waiting for that one magnificent rich man to come and sweep her off of her feet and make her and her father wealthy and safe. No, not my Belle. She was always reading and protected her father and his dreams. She didn’t let Gaston push himself onto her or degrade her father. Instead, she fell in love with a man that was well, not so attractive and was a total and complete outsider. Belle was saved by her love and also saved her love. She is the OG of princesses. She always had a brain, sharp tongue and was unapologetic for using them. I mean like seriously… what a freakin motivational spirit.

I swore that I would be like Belle. I never wanted to have a man enter into my life and feel like without him I’m lost. I always wanted my person to know that without you I’m perfect but together we’re unstoppable, a force to be reckoned with. I don’t want to “complete” you and I don’t need anyone to “complete” me. We should already be whole before we get together. Two half people do not make a whole person… it makes a whole mess.

I want every woman to refuse to get sucked in by this foolish talk of a man coming to sweep them off their feet. Keep all 10 of those toes planted on the ground, stay firm and in control. In addition to that connect with that person that will be that inspiration and that back that will hold you down while you do the same. Equally Yoked… that’s the goal!

I am a firm believer that women/men should only allow someone in their life that will uplift them. Help make each other better. Both partners should bring something of value to the table and not take and drain the other. I married someone that was broke…honey not a dollar to his name but what he had was faith, determination and a brilliant mind.
I matched him and we transformed together.

You could have chosen to read any blog but you chose mine and I’m honored!