Don’t Knock….. KICK It IN

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I Think Susan Died

She use to stare at me with condescending eyes and a smirk on her face. I know she knew that she annoyed the stuffing out of me and that I secretly wished death on her!

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Comfortably Uncomfortable

Being uncomfortable can be one of the worst feelings. When you are being pushed away from a familiar place. Reacting to a specific stimulus that you didn’t see coming can be frustrating.

A person that hates being pushed will crash and fold.

But a challenger will rise to the challenge!

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Quote Of The Day

And any man who must say “I am the King” is no true King at all”

~Lord Tywin Lannister~

Read that again!


You Can Only Choose One (Video)

I would be honored if you all took the time to let me know if you prefer Manicotti or Lasagna!

Leave your answer in the comment section

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Thankful ~Reached 500~ Word Press Followers

I’m literally gushing with love today, and I feel so blessed. Life can sometimes throw you a couple of left hooks and then throw a right one, and it lands right on your nose.

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Six ~Word ~Story

Focused and Determined With a Dream