Let’s Talk About Sex

Last Saturday My husband and I had to have a going away to college talk with my daughter, and it was much needed. Mostly because well….she needed it!

It all began when she was on her way to her room to write a few chapters on her new book. She stuck her head in my room and said: “goodnight, I’m going to be in my room for the rest of the night writing.”

I said, “well, wait a second I want to chit chat with you for a minute.” Read More

Spaghetti Squash Boat with Italian Sausage and Spinach​

There are so many Keto recipes, but I think this one is definitely a winner. I would not add or change anything to this recipe below. More often than not, I will make a new recipe and instantly have a list of ingredients that I will change. But not this time. Not to mention, I was in the kitchen for a total of 30 minutes. You are literally prepping, cooking, and cleaning the kitchen for 30 minutes, and you are DONE DONE. Read More

Mom Bod

There isn’t anything sexier than a mom’s bod. We have been through hell and back with these bodies, and yet we rise. By the time we are 12 or 13, we have experienced more discomfort, aches, and pains from our head to our toes.

Starting in our preteen years, we have had growing pains and menstrual cycles that have prevented us from performing to our highest abilities. Every month for an entire week, we have to adjust our schedule because of cramps and heavy blood flow. Not to mention the headaches, stomach bloating, and cravings that will turn us into a whole new beast. Read More

You Were A Phone Call Away


I remember when my husband first started working from home, and it was difficult for him to know when to shut down his workload. He was used to coming home from the office at 6:30 and completely shutting down from work and geared up for family time.

For 14 years, this was his life, and then BOOM, he was allowed to work in the comfort of his own home. He grabbed this chance and ran. Being able to work from home meant that he would be free from all the crazy traffic and that would free up 2 hours each day. Read More

Is This What Jealousy Feels Like​

I’ve honestly never experienced this jealous feeling that I had on Saturday. I don’t know if my emotions were triggered by the rainy weather or because I was hungry, or perhaps I was just sleepy.

Whatever the case, maybe I felt what I felt, and it made me sad.

This weekend I attended a birthday party, and I was having a great time laughing and talking to all the ladies that I haven’t been able to chat with for a short while.

All of our girls were jumping and having a great time at the trampoline park and happy to celebrate with the birthday girl. Then all of a sudden, my mood shifted, and I wanted to run out in the rain and flop down in the street and scream, “This isn’t fair.”

I hope you got a good laugh picturing me looking like an idiot.

Okay, back to the story, one of my dear friends walks through the door and tells us she is,

wait for it…..


I grabbed her, hugged her, and couldn’t stop smiling. Once I let her go, I think I stood there frozen for at least 3 minutes. All I could think was she is the luckiest lady on the planet. Even though I must admit, before that moment, the thought of having more kids just didn’t exist.

Not only did it not exist, but when people ask me if my husband, I would ever consider having another child, my quick reply is, “are you crazy”! I have 3 kids, and they keep me on the move nonstop.  It takes all my husband I have to stay afloat, and somedays we barely see each other because he is shuffling a kid one way, and I’m shuffling in the opposite direction with another kid. Plus, we are outnumbered, 3 perky, energetic kids against 2 tired parents.

Talk about brutal.

But, at that moment, I felt something hard for me to describe. I don’t know what word to use other than empty.

You could have chosen to read any blog but you chose mine and I’m honored!


Right Fighter

Truth be told, I watch Dr. Phil regularly, and there is something that he always says that makes me say hmmm.

Okay, picture it. The stage is full of guests that are combative and ready to rip into each other’s throats. There they are pointing their finger at each other and screaming at the top of their lungs, and Dr. Phil just sits there and takes it all in. Then right when it gets out of hand, Dr. Phil interjects. Read More

Life Behind Bars

You can spend your life behind bars without ever stepping foot in a prison. No cop has to arrest and cuff you for you to be thrown behind bars.

You’re already there. You threw yourself in a cell and tossed the key.

You let unforeseen circumstances block you from your future self. Allowing the things that you could not control, to control you! Read More

The Sun Can Either Blind You Or Lead You

So you hit a bump in the road, and now you’re ready to give up. You’re probably sitting there feeling sorry for yourself and thinking, how did I get here and how do I get out. All while doubting your own strength and courage.

I know that it’s so easy to walk away when the going gets a little rough. We will pack up our bags and head out in search of what we think we want. To just find out that all we needed was a little encouragement to help us stay committed and focused. Read More

Truth About Losing Weight

Have you ever went to the gym and looked around at all the in shape folks and thought how the hell did you accomplish losing all that weight and continue to stay so firm?

I have to admit that I have asked that question on several occasions. I’m supposed to be concentrating on my workout, but I can’t help but stare at the lady beside me. Now my staring really gets intense if its a lady that started her fitness journey just a little time ago, and now she looks like she created the word fit. Read More

I’m Here

I’ve noticed lately that when I’m greeted with a ” Hi, How are you doing?” I often reply with an “I’m here” After I say it, the other person says, “I know that’s right.”

Then I reply with, “The struggle is real.” Here is the bottom line, I’m over it and will no longer say that mess! Read More