Happy November

I am so happy that we have made it to November!

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Stumbling Through My 40’s

I’ve been searching for a new tagline for my blog for the past month or so, and nothing sounded good to me. I searched for something that embodied who I am and all the things that I love to do. But I like a lot of different things, so choosing a tagline was a little difficult.

Then It Happened

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Sissy That Walk

I go through phases where I really like a specific catchphrase. I will say it until people around want to slap me! But I can’t help it when something gets stuck in my brain; I have to just go with it.

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Quote Of The Day

“The Best thing I ever did was become more low-key and focus on myself”


Quote Of The Day

“Little girls with dreams become women with vision”.

I’m a mom before I’m anything else. I will breathe life into any vision my kids may have.

Small Circle For The Win

Comfort! Are you comfortable with the circle you’re in?

The other day I took my daughter to a skate park, and I watched her go down several slopes, fall, get back up, and repeat. This went on for 90 minutes. She refused to give up, so I did what I do best, I cheered her on. Occasionally I would see her glance at the other skaters with full command over their boards, and I wondered what she was thinking. She has the type of face that you never really know what’s going on in that head of hers. My baby girl was born with a poker face. Which is totally unlike her mother.

When I’m disgusted, yaknowit! When I’m happy, yaknowit!

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Quote of The Day

“What other people think about you is none of your business”



10 Reasons Why We Want People To Change

I’m older, and I’m wiser!

With that being said, I know what to expect out of people. Therefore my guard will remain up and intact. For the most part, I will just redirect my focus and pretend like you don’t exist. I guess this is the way I self protect.

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