He Fell In Love With Her Loud Laugh

I fell in love with a man that fell in love with the real me. There she was just sitting with her friends, laughing her usual loud and excitable laugh. I think when she laughs, the whole world knows that it’s her. She has tried to change it and learned how to do a light,…

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Checking On The Check

  My husband always says, “Checking on the check.” He says this whenever he is checking on anything and making sure it is what it’s supposed to be. I have to admit that I steal most of his sayings because they usually make a lot of sense. But this one is my favorite. I found…

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Being Brave Enough To Imagine

There is something beautiful about an active imagination It takes courage to imagine out loud. Expressing your desires for the world to hear will leave you wide open for criticism and negative opinions. I will never forget this client I had when I lived in Florida. He was 75 years old, cranky

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