All Shades Of Beauty

Love the skin you are in!

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Can I just tell you how thankful I am for this nomination!!! I love everything about my WordPress family, and you all inspire me every day. Thank you so much, Chocovi, for this award! Read More

I’m Not Okay

Slowly being able to admit that I’m not okay

The freedom to know that I know who I am Read More

Let Us Not Forget

When all of the speeches have been spoken, and all of the marches have been marched hold on to your why. May this image be forever locked in your brain. Read More

Homemade Pizza!! — Sammicakes

Hello and hello, everyone! I’ve been baking and cooking up a lot of good stuff these past few weeks. Mother’s Day is tomorrow, and I have a lot of dishes I’m going to make for dinner, plus some awesome desserts, so I’ll be sure to post those. Since Thursday, I’ve been preparing my pizza dough, […]

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40 Eye Rolls Before 9 AM

I went to bed really early last night because I wanted to be fresh and ready to edit my videos. But that extra bit of sleep didn’t help me at all. I woke up with the absolute worse energy and a severe attitude problem. Read More