Checking On The Check

  My husband always says, “Checking on the check.” He says this whenever he is checking on anything and making sure it is what it’s supposed to be. I have to admit that I steal most of his sayings because they usually make a lot of sense. But this one is my favorite. I found…

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Take Your Power Back

Women stay strong and know that every time you fall you have another real woman to help you up. This will always be factual if you only allow realness in your circle. I get so frustrated when I see strong women put each other down and compete compete compete it’s as if we don’t realize…

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My White Girl Team

It was on a Thursday….. I am getting around the house blasting my music while I’m cleaning. My kids will be home in less than two hours from school so I’m moving quickly. If I can stop dancing my work would get done a lot quicker. 5000 steps later, dinner is cooked and the house…

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