Because I Love Me

Because I love me so much I want to make this clear Keeping you there while I stay here is what I find necessary Making sure that my world remains absolute The problems that appear are the ones that I create No manipulation took place Because I love me I know that forgiveness needs to…

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Checking On The Check

  My husband always says, “Checking on the check.” He says this whenever he is checking on anything and making sure it is what it’s supposed to be. I have to admit that I steal most of his sayings because they usually make a lot of sense. But this one is my favorite. I found…

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Do You See Me

All we want is to be seen and heard. You may not agree with everything we are saying and that’s okay just acknowledge that fact that we are here. Some so many ladies will go through their entire life and not know what it’s like to be listened to. As well as being left to wonder…

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