5 Steps To Reach Your Goals

During this Pandemic, we have been forced to break out of old routines and move quickly into new ones. For a while, I was thrown off balance, and all the days kind of ran together. Read More

You’re Not Dead Yet!

Have you ever been so depressed that you forgot to live? I mean the type of depressed where it hurts to take a breath. Regretfully you breathe in and out wondering why you are still here?

I hope I’m not alone on this!

For almost 10 years, I lost my WHY. I was living for everyone around me, and I forgot to live for myself. In between running errands, cooking, cleaning, and making sure everyone was okay, I stopped checking on me. I stopped doing the one thing that has always made my soul come alive. Read More

Love Is A Risk Worth Taking

We all have a fear of something!

Most of us have several things that make our knees weak and leave us with our anxiety on high. You know the feeling. Your palms are sweating, your heart is beating so hard that you can feel it in your ears.

Right when you think your heart can’t handle another second, you suddenly get light-headed. Then everything becomes a blur. Read More

Because I Love Me

Because I love me so much I want to make this clear

Keeping you there while I stay here is what I find necessary

Making sure that my world remains absolute

The problems that appear are the ones that I create

No manipulation took place

Because I love me

I know that forgiveness needs to take place

Not for you but for me so I can persuade peace to come back in my life

Living stress-free and not allowing you to mess with my anxiety

Blowing the whistle and sounding the alarm

Because I Love Me

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.




Do You See Me

All we want is to be seen and heard. You may not agree with everything we are saying and that’s okay just acknowledge that fact that we are here. Some so many ladies will go through their entire life and not know what it’s like to be listened to. As well as being left to wonder if they are being seen or looked over. Yeah, you have said the L word but what does that mean without putting actions behind it.

Read More