Quick 20 Minute Workout

I am so excited to be back on YouTube and offering quick and easy workouts. I currently have one 20 minute workout video up now and many many many more to come. Read More

Whatever Works

Day 19 out of 30

Mind, Body and Soul Transformation

I was immediately pissed off with every jump this week. Let me explain…..

Imagine waking up and having to do whatever was barked at you to do. Read More

You Got Time!

As a trainer, the one thing I always hear from my clients is, “I don’t have time.”

Trust me, I get it. We don’t all have time to make extravagant meals every day or hit our step goals. It is unrealistic for me to expect my clients to do something that I too struggle with. During my first virtual meeting with my clients, I let them know that I am a mom of 3, I have a husband that travels, and all of my kids are involved with sports. Read More

Beast This Shit Out

I see you looking at those donuts! Put that mess down and get ready to boost that immune system.

The time is now to get your body all the way together!

No more excuses. Read More

Debating Update!

So yesterday, I was a lot unsure of what to do about my kid’s dentist appointment. In case you missed it, please click Debating….. to go to my post from yesterday.

Yesterday’s concerns…

First Dilemma Read More

Do You Feel It?

The earth is alive; and she knows it!

Do you feel it?

She rose from her bed with a sense of urgency and landed on her feet with a thud. The sun was piercing her soul and she couldn’t help but be excited with what, the day was sure to unfold.

The thought of starting this day made her giggle! Read More

How To Train Yourself To Be Optimistic

Here we are already well into the year, and March has come alive! Our goals may have died off, but March is here and looking at you dead in your face. March is the month that is filled with reminders and always throwing little jabs at you.

This is causing you to take a closer look at your self and pushing you to get your goals in order.

So don’t disappoint March.

Stay optimistic! Read More

So What!

Often times I sent back, and I just watch people. How they move and interact with one another. How they take an unspoken, hidden glance at each other.

I especially love the hidden glance.

There is so much packed into a silent stare. Their eyes were quickly searching over someone’s body and fixated on the parts that they hate about themselves. It may even be an internal fixation. You can’t see someone’s heart, but you can feel how it electrifies a room. Read More