You Can’t Rescue The Boy In The Man “Part 2”

You Can’t Rescue The Boy In The Man “Part 1”

There he lay in his bed, waiting for the sunlight to come through his window. The sun gave him hope and security. Nothing terrible ever happened to him when the sun was out, at least not yet.
°Unwanted Happiness°  I once knew a beautiful, sad man whom I wanted to make my own I did all I could, pouring happiness to water…

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Checking On The Check


My husband always says, “Checking on the check.” He says this whenever he is checking on anything and making sure it is what it’s supposed to be. I have to admit that I steal most of his sayings because they usually make a lot of sense. But this one is my favorite. I found myself saying it when I’m checking out my gains or lack thereof. Read More

Mr. Wrong

Waking up with the sun beating down on her face and the smell of pineapples, strawberries, and kiwi is in the air. The palm trees are blowing ever so slightly. If you just stand still, breathe deep and slow you will see them move. The sound of people laughing and carrying natural and uplifting conversations are heard as they walk past your room. The energy is positive, and hope is in the air. Read More