What makes pretty..Pretty?

After reading this article, please tell me what you think makes someone pretty. We’ll discuss what makes someone handsome later.

Yesterday I wrote a post about my view of pretty. You can find it here Your pretty AIN’T pretty

But what I failed to do was share my motivation behind the article, so here I go. Recently I have grown sick and tired of young girls thinking that beauty is only related to your looks. Therefore they feel little need to put any significant energy into their interior. As a mom of two girls, I would feel like a failure if my girls depended on their looks to get them in any door.

I don’t understand how parents and grandparents can see a trainwreck of a future coming and do nothing about it. Instead, they say, “She’s so pretty.” And I think well, first of all, she isn’t all that, and on top of that truth, she’s dumb as the day is long! WAKEITUP idiots, and give this girl a pep talk.

I know I may be coming down hard on girls but guess what? I’m not done! Over the next year, I will be POUNDING on this topic. I will be ranting and following it up with the solutions to get these girls carrying more about books and less about sex and provocative posing on social media. 

Back to my question

What makes someone pretty?

Even better, what advice would you give a teenage girl?

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. I think concerning being pretty or attractiveness a lot of it is on the inside. For instance, generally people get attracted to others based on their personality as well as just in how they look, and concerning looks, it is so subjective. Sadly beauty standards deceive us

    1. You nailed it! I agree it’s totally subjective. One persons standard of pretty may not be yours. For instance a pretty face, body and an ugly spirit will not cut it for someone thats looking for someone with depth.
      Thank you so much for adding this to the conversation.

  2. A treasure inside, shine outside… A heart full or peace, kindness, love, health, good feelings,etc.
    Thank’s for share, Belladona. Wonderful post!
    Have a great Sunday!

  3. I feel that having a clarity of thought and vision for life makes a girl pretty, beautiful (whatever it is)…and more over, confident.

    1. You are so right Sreesiva! Confidence comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and features. Own what you have and rock it out. Keep learning and building brain strength and life will be much better. Thank you for commenting!

  4. I tell my daughter every single that she is beautiful, from the time she is little. I know there’s many that disagree with that, but I feel that you have to tell your kids positive things because the world eats at their insecurities. Every day, like in The Help, it was something along the lines of , you’re beautiful and smart and funny and clever. My advice was always personal cleanliness. Wash and brush teeth and brush hair and wear clean clothes. To me that’s part of self respect

    1. Love this LA! I tell my girls the same. This is an exceptional thing to do because they will never starve for the attention from others. They know they are all that now they can feel confident.

  5. Oh I have an answer. But it’s too long. As per my calculations there are 10 attributes. And I’m sure you know them. I feel how awake you are in the couple posts I’ve read. I bless you and wish you miracles. XoXo

  6. Pretty ‘might’ indeed get you to the door… even allow you to stumble in, but what’s the beauty of drifting around in a empty ‘house…’ it’s so much better when you bring more to table… even more so, when his ‘house,’ has ‘furnishings’ compatible to your own… after all, pretty fades with time… then what…?

  7. There’s a medley of attributes to define “Pretty” for me ,but what I do notice is that a person’s behavior can instantly change how I see them. Great post, Belladonna.💕

  8. In my honest opinion, what is pretty to me is the heart a person has. They care for others before they care for themselves. Looks aren’t always everything. It’s what’s on the inside that matters the most. I remind my girls this all the time. If a man or anyone else for that matter can’t see the beauty us women have on the inside and would rather judge us or not accept us based on what’s on the outside, oh boy, do they have another thing coming. Looks can quite contrarily be deceiving. As the saying goes, a woman can be beautiful on the outside but can be extremely ugly on the inside. So a side note for any woman of any age, ladies pay no attention to those who judge us and not accept us based on what we look like on the outside. Find your inner beauty, run with it, and you will shine like a diamond on the outside. Forget all your outside flaws, and quit nit picking. Those outside flaws are what makes you unique and beautiful. If anyone can’t accept you for who you are, and what you look like, then they do not deserve a place in your life. Period! We are women! Hear us Roar! ✨😊💖….Oh and one more thing, NEVER allow a man to define who you are as woman!! You have something sacred, and so valuable! Do NOT give it to a man who doesn’t cherish you, and value you as a woman and human!! OWN YOUR WOMAN!!! Love yourself FIRST!!! ✨😊💖

  9. is pretty the same as attractive? I think there are two things, I think pretty could be used for people or say a Corvette as being pretty, or maybe it’s the other way around…beautiful, is that the same thing? I think on a person to person basis, it’s as much internal and external….it’s not aesthetic, it’s something that can be done without make up or the right outfit, it’s them…it’s definitely personal, what I find attractive will not be the same for someone else….it’s more what they are then who they are….the three words must mean different things, but attractive is just attractive, not sure of this is a good example, I run through an area where there are more than a few homeless people, and it seems every morning I see one lady, I’m going to say mid 30s, there’s a public washroom nearby and I think when I see her she’s either heading there or returning from, she always says a pleasant hello….indigenous, but I would say, attractive…not because if what she wears, and I’m sure others would think the opposite, but any judgement aside, attractive?….I’m not sure if this will sound awful or not, and I argue this with some of my guy friends all the time..but if I walked into a pub, and saw someone that I thought was attractive, would it matter what they we’re , am I going to say, for instance, she’s this or that, so I can’t possibly find her attractive…nah…..just is?….and at this point, I don’t think I’ve answered your question…

    1. This is great Warren and I loved how you thought this out. Never thought about the diffence of the two but this. makes since. Attractive sounds more adult and appealing.
      I wouldlove to o hear you thoughts on this. on my podcast. Would you be interested?

  10. You are not coming down hard at all, you are coming correct!❤

    I have seen it for years, and like you said these girls are not actually pretty or sexy they are foolish.

    They place their self-esteem on how others perceive them and they try to fill and maintain that image.

    People can lie and fill their heads up with all sort of nonsense telling them how beautiful they are to make a fool out of them to get what they want.

    Once people begin to insult them and put them down they break and get destroyed so easily.

    True beauty lies in character and how one views themself. True self-esteem is when you see beauty in yourself when others do not. Confidence and self-love starts and maintains from within. When one has substance of character no one can take that away.

    You can go out into the world with strength and self-respect to conquer and achieve genuine things that are of value.❤

  11. I think what people think of as pretty is highly subjective. I’ve seen lists of the top 10/top 20/top 100 most beautiful famous men or women in the world and I can’t believe who they name in the top 5 spots. In some cases, these top 5 are very boring looking, or I can think of 5 other people who are far more beautiful or handsome than these famous people. Also, these are famous people, so I’ve heard and read stories about them. If I read that this famous person treats other people badly, and see they are in the top 5 most beautiful people in the world, my first thought, is ew, gross. Give that spot to someone who looks good but is also kind to others.

  12. What a deep question and I so loved scrolling through the comments on my way to the comment box and seeing what other people have to say! I’ll add that I think personality is pretty. <3

  13. Yes 💯 put looks on the back burner! With more focus on the substance rather than the wrapper it solves a lot of young people’s problems. A whole lot of time, money, energy and other resources will be preserved with this mindset. Thanks for sharing Belladonna

  14. My grandfather told me often. Pretty face don’t mean pretty heart. Find a kind woman with a gentle heart. Good evening dear Belladonna.

  15. I think of ‘pretty’ more as a physical characteristic. Beauty is the thing we are really speaking about here. Everything goes into it, individuality, openness, sensitivity, joy, the ability to give, the courage to shine one’s light outwards.

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