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75 Best Strong Women Quotes About What Makes A Strong Woman

A few years ago, I was venting about the lack of consideration some people have toward equal opportunities for girls.

The conversation blew me away, and I thought, well, my God are we back in the early 1800s?

I had a chip on my shoulder for most of my life, and anger fueled me. I saw my brother get the red carpet rolled out for him, and I sat and watched from sports to college to apartments and cars being paid for. 

I could have let that break me, but I didn’t.

My first experience at college was a bust because I couldn’t afford books. Therefore my grades were not giving what they needed to give. So I saved up my military funds, gave another stab at it, and earned a degree in Marketing and Advertising. ALL ON MY OWN!

And It felt good to do this on my own. I lit my on fire and marched ahead. My fire is still lit and provides the light my daughters need in order to achieve their goals.

Beginning in 1837, college doors opened for women, so why would we participate in holding women back in the 21st century? We are capable of being so much more than stay-at-home moms or constantly living in our husband’s shadows!

Strong Like a Woman

We are strong, and we are capable of being WHATEVER we want to be. No one has the power to hold us back from achieving our dreams, and my daughter is a perfect example of just that. 

Setting fires isn’t always bad

Burn the house down that tried to steal your goals

Fear has no home in her soul

No doesn’t exist in her brain

ill-equipped isn’t a word that she recognizes 

Too hard for your female brain is a joke that lacks humor

Rooting for other women is her norm

A weak man couldn’t handle her

Her brain is unmatched 

When her phone rings she answers… especially if it’s NASA

10-week paid Internship with NASA… my heart is PROUD!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. Congratulations to your daughter and you for raising her to aim high. One of my favorite old-time saying is “spit fire and save a match.” In other words stand up for yourself and get on with things. Or something like that.

  2. right on, and love this. I instruct run clinics, most the runners in them are female, and some start out as very strong, and it’s always interesting to se the male group members react to that….some will insist on being in front, and then get their butts kicked, and either realize it doesn’t matter, and others seem embarrassed and give up….it’s pretty cool how the spot has changed, women are starting to outright win more and more marathons, ultra marathons and triathlons, and it’s no longer good for a woman, it’s just good

    1. I am so happy that you added that to the conversation. We have been held back for to long because of these preconcieved notioin that we are strong enough to compete!

      Your last line gave me chills. Like seriously…It’s just good!!!!!!!

  3. Awesome post Belladonna. Girls should have at least equal opportunity, if not better to study and to achieve their aims in life.

  4. WHOA…a “paid” Internship with NASA? Oh. I know you beaming more than Captain Kirk telling Scottie to beam him up!!! Yeah. Belladonna, equality ain’t what it should be and it feels more often than not that we are digressing when it comes down to equal opportunity, over so many levels, including salaries. But I’m not going there today. Let’s bask in the essence of your daughter’s opportunities, good news, and achievements! Booyah! 🤜🏼🤛🏼 This girl is on fiyah!!! 🔥🔥🔥

    1. Kym wee can discuss this for days and I would not be tired of doing so. I love talking to young girls and putting firee in thier bellies. Their fight will bring about change.
      We are so proud of our girl! She is kicking ass and taking names. LOL

      1. Belladonna, I wouldn’t expect anything less from your daughter, because she got one helluva badass mother as her role model and mentor. Here’s to great things to come sistah! 🚀🐱‍🏍👸🏽

      2. Thank you Kym! I’m so happy you said that. When you find women that support you and uplift you, you hang on to them. I’m hanging onto you sistah girl!

      3. Girl, I’m hanging on to you too. Don’t you see the grip marks around your ankles??? LOL 😲🦶🏼🤣👣😆🧗🏽‍♀️😂 That’s from me holding on tight! 😜🙌🏼😊

  5. Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! This absolutely blew my mind away!! You are a very strong young lady and Mother to raise your daughter to reach as high as she can and aim for whatever she wants in life and not allow anything or anyone, especially a man to hold her back! I Absolutely LOVE how you wrote this! ✨😊💜

      1. Awwww 🥰💜 you are so very welcome Sweetheart. I absolutely Love your blogs and writing. There is so much inspiration and Fire behind your writing’s ✨😊

  6. Cheers to all women who know their worth. Cheers to all women who dare to dream big and make it a success despite all odds. Congratulations to your daughter and congratulations to you for not giving up and making it on your own. 💪

  7. as a runner, one of the most wonderful things for me is to see women winning races head to head with us men, but even better, so many are running, actually more women than men in all races….and that has made running and racing and triathlons and everything else better….for everyone

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