There is a cure


Few will find it…but I did!

When you allow yourself to be vulnerable and tell your truth, you can cure childhood trauma. And that’s what we need to do.

Yesterday I posted Anger Raised Me, and I received so much love and support. I was able to reach the eyes of someone that found me intriguing, and I’m ready to find out where this opportunity takes me.

I may step on a few toes with this project, and that’s fine with me. I’m ready to finish my healing and help others. God is calling my name, and I’m answering!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. Wow! Belladonna, it is an amazing and beautiful post. I am sure that your entrepreneurship will take you where you want to go. Blessings!
    Have a lovely day!

  2. So true. I spent many many years being gas lighted, betrayed, rejected, punished for things others accused me of and I hadn’t done but my parents didn’t believe me….so I learned to hide my light, hide my truth, hide my spirituality and lifelong metaphysical experiences. I spent decades getting many mind/body/emotional/spiritual therapies and going through severe illness and depressions. I finally started a blog to “come out” with my light, my spirituality, my truth, my metaphysical experiences and work.

    It takes great courage to speak your truth. I’m sending blessings and support your way and cheering you on.

    Thanks for following my blog. I’m honored and appreciate it.

    1. You are so special and I feel your energy!!!! The strongest people always have the most trying battles to face and we have to use that to help not only ourselves but others. Our stories can heal so many that suffered from parents that chose to not give us what we needed. I bed on to anger for far to long and I’m tired of being angry. Speaking out loud has helped soooo much.
      So proud of you for birthing the new you. The world is better because of it💖💖

      1. Thanks so much. My parents did some things right but there was so much suppressed emotion in the house, and with me being an empath, and the medications I was on for severe asthma increasing that, it felt like an explosion ready to happen within the rest of my family. And I’d look around me at the world and wonder why no one else saw or acknowledged the dysfunction that was so apparent to me.
        I used to beat my hands against the wall until they bled. My parents didn’t stop that, but they did suppress my joy and energy. I grew up raging. Later, after spending so much time arguing, raging, or turning it inward to depression, I found myself in the corner of a room after another argument (and by this time I was in my 40’s or 50’s). I realized I had physically sent myself to a time out, in the corner of the room. I decided then to find healthy ways to deal with conflict, healthy ways to release my frustration and anger and truly commit to my own joy and peace. Things really changed after that.

      2. WOW!!!!!!!! Your story can and will help so many. Thank you for sharing that with me. As parents we have toddo bettter and know that the people we bring in this world are not able to fend for themselves. Life is hard and people are mean, therefore our home has to be our safety net. Without that safeety net we will carry scars forever. Well until we find away to heal.

        Again, thank you for sharing!

      3. Oh..PS….I love the name of your blog. I grew up with much digestive system distress, from the medications and emotional stuff and suppression, that the doctors used to give me herbal Belladonna to soothe my gut. It worked wonderfully, but then, as the AMA does, they made it illegal and substituted awful and addictive pharmaceuticals in its place. I got off those….they were terrible. But I have fond memories of the herb Belladonna.

      4. Awww Katelon how ironic is that!

        I’m so happy you aren’t taking the medication that our society is suffereing from. We take the first thing that the doctors give us and that is notokaya!!!!!

      5. Yes. So amazing that they orginally gave me the herbal tincture Belladonna. It was so affective and therapeutic. I used it for years, as needed, until they outlawed it

  3. I’m struggling with parents right now and um issues….they raised me, but, well strict, and never understood me..I don’t think…they supported me when I really needed it, but some times…..just things said…there’s so many times I’d done things, I thought well, others congratulated, parents never did…..races I’ve run…friends patted me on the back, dad’s reaction, ‘you didn’t do that’,,,,now their older, they need a lot of help and support, I’m the one son that is there for them, they don’t remember a lot..some is demntia…it’s hard to reconcile a lot…but I will, because that’s what we do…do I forgive?

    1. Warren!!!!!! I am so sorry, and I was treated the same way. Never good enough. You know it’s funny how the one kid the parents treated less than are always the one’s to show up when the parents need them the most.
      God will bless you for your forgiving heart! You are a great person and a wonderful son. I admire that!

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