Mental Health Check

Life can be complicated and to no fault of our own!

Sometimes we are dealt a bad hand, and we struggle along the best way we can. But, unfortunately, we never know who may be struggling mentally; they may wear a smile, crack the funniest jokes, and yet be dead inside. 

You will only know if you ask!

I haven’t done a mental health check in quite some time, so with summer approaching, I wanted to pop my head into your life and ask one simple question. How are you?

Depression occurs all year; often, we link it with the fall and winter months. However, grief, heartache, and pain aren’t limited to part of the year. So many of us suffer throughout the entire year and suffer from feeling alone.

If you are feeling alone, please reach out to me. I’m not a therapist, but no one should feel like they are alone.

Mental Health Check!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. 🧡 I’m having a hard time today, and actually had to clock out of work early. I was in and out of tearful fits, and as much as I hated to throw in the towel, I had to.

    I’m prayerful tomorrow will be a better day.

      1. I’m much better today, just taking it “15 minutes at a time.” I’m grateful for the change of mood, that’s for sure. Happy Wednesday, Bella!

    1. How are you about your kiddo graduating. Last year I thought I was going to make it through when my son graduated and left for college.

  2. Great checkup Belladonna! Nothing spectacular occurred today, but I am alive and feeling great. I intensified my gratitude meter for today! 🤗💖😊 So girlfriend, “How are you?”

      1. Sistah girlfriend, as the Emotions sang, “Doesn’t take much to make me happy, or make me smile with glee.” The older I get, I think I get up more focused and “try” not to sweat the small stuff. Thanks so much for your mental health checkups. They make us think and reflect on why we feel as we do! Bless you sistah! 🥰🙏🏼😘

      2. I’m so glad that it’s helpful! So many people are suffering alone and that’s no way to live. Your spirit is always so bright.

      3. Awwww, my sweet and dear friend, I agree. You are a shining star and thank you for your heartfelt touch to reach out and show that someone truly cares. You are amazing! 🤗💖😍✨🥰🥂

      4. Oh my dear Belladonna, we are resilient and stronger than we think. But, there are distractions and toxicity that need to move out the way! Back down or get beat down! 🤜🏼🤛🏼 You are an encouragement to us all. That’s just part of your DNA!

  3. 💜 Is where I’m currently at but I don’t want a therapist or anything. It’s been a struggle getting out of bed as of late. No energy, chronic fatigue, no motivation to do anything.

    1. Hilary aim so sorry and I can definitely relate to that. Maybe a nice night out alone will help. Sounds odd I know, but treating yourself to a dinner and movie can lift your spirit. Sometimes all I need is to get out of the house for a bit and NOT to the damn grocery store!

      1. Tbh it has gotten so sad that I look forward to going to the grocery store. I am lucky if I get to go to the store once a week. A nice dinner sounds nice – last time my 2-year old son screamed the whole place down, so we stopped going out to restaurants for the time being.

      2. Aww Hilary, I have been there with the screaming kids and we didn’t go out to eat for a bit.
        What’s something that you can look forward to doing?

      3. Hmm, something I can look forward to doing is not having to work! I’m working tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday 🥲

        Honestly, going outside and getting some sunshine is something that cheers me up ☀️ And hopefully getting some sleep tonight. I pulled an all nighter last night d/t muscle pain and too much caffeine late at night.

      4. Hlary I sure hope you are able to get some rest. Sunshine can heal and. relax you. In the summer I like to meditate outside and then the ants come to join me. LOL

      5. The ants know where the party (and food is at). Within the last 2 days we found 2 spiders and 1 and in our house! 😬

    1. Elvira that is wonderful! I’ll be catching up on your blog today and I’m looking forward to it.
      ‘m. doing so much better this week, dare I say fabulous.

  4. 🤍I could be better. It is kind of one of those in between days. Thanks for asking. Also, I agree about depression not just being during the fall and winter.

  5. I could do better. Looking for new opportunities in the communications industry abroad. very positive about it. Thank you for checking

  6. 🧡 Im having a really hard time🥺 Finances have have really tight due to playing catch up on bills. My husband was in the hospital for 2 weeks back in December of 2022 and wasn’t able to work. Then after getting released, he had to go to wound care 3 times a week for 3 months. So all that time he was out of work, we lost alot of money. He returned to work March of this year. His paychecks are always a month behind. So when he went back to work March 20th, he didn’t get his first full paycheck until the 19th of this month. And we’ll let’s just say it’s already gone and spent on back bills and food. Well now that school is over, he is out of work for the summer. So we have to rely on my disability money, which isn’t much to pay all the bills plus getting groceries. We have a 15 year old daughter that still lives at home and as a Mother, it’s so difficult to tell her we don’t have money for gas to take her to her friends house that’s out of town. We don’t have the money to put her through drivers ED this summer. It’s gonna cost $150. We basically have to rob peter to pay Paul. So all of this is quite a heavy burden. It seems as though we can’t catch a break. So it’s taking a toll on my depression and putting a wedge in our marriage, which certainly isn’t making my depression any better. The resources we have in our town has already been utilized and I have nowhere to turn for help. I have been applying for cash advances online but the ones I tried only offer anywhere from $10 to $25. With food prices today, and the cost of gas, that is just not enough. So I’m not doing too well 🥺🥺

    1. Oh my goodness Jenny!!! I’m so sorry. Do you have a cash app on your blog? If not put it on there and I’ll help share your information.

      1. Thank you so much sweetheart. I really do appreciate that. Ya I have a cash app. But I haven’t put it on my website. But that’s a good suggestion. I may just do that

      2. Thank you so much sweetheart 💜 I do Greatly appreciate that. I put my cash app link on my blog website yesterday. Thank you so much for that suggestion 💜

      3. I’m so glad you did that! I will pass along your information and I hope we can all help out the best we can. Showering you with hugs, prayers and positivity!

      4. Thank you so much sweetheart💜 This really and truly does mean so much to me. A Million thanks and Big Hugs sweetheart💖💖💖🤗🤗

    1. Thank you Pooja!!!! I’m so glad you are feeling good again. I encourage everyone to get a therapist. They are a life saver💖💖💖💖💖

  7. I’m in an epic battle with a cold, it’s been over a week, and the cold is still holding the front. My energy is low but my spirit is good. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow so we’ll see if things start looking up. How are you Belladonna? Hugs, C

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