No tomorrow

One thing we will never escape in this world is death! 

It may feel like you’ll live forever, but sorry, not possible. Listen, the last thing I want to talk about is death, but lately, I have been infuriated by the way people make excuses for continuing to make bad choices. The common theme is “I’ll do better tomorrow.”

I hope and pray that tomorrow will come. There is nothing that I want more than waking up and seeing a new day. 

There is joy in my heart and soul when I am working towards a goal and can see daily progress. However, sometimes the things you want most require you to be patient, consistent, and positive, which is why many of us fall short of our goals. 

Tomorrow isn’t promised; all we have is this very moment. 

No, I’m not only referring to death, but more so, you may not be well enough to give life your all tomorrow. I was beyond sick for the last two weeks, so I lost so many productive hours. So the things I hoped to accomplish by June 1st will not happen. But, again, I’m not beating myself up about it; just mentioning it because it fits my point for today.

Wasting good healthy moments on bullshit things and bullshit people will get you nowhere. 

Choosing daily to put all of your attention towards all things that make you feel good, accomplished, inspired, excited, and radiating goodness all through your soul is the epitome of living life like there is no tomorrow. 

Putting your all into this moment can make you feel empowered and in control of your today. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring should motivate you to put your best foot forward today. But as long as we walk around cocky enough to think that our tomorrow will be just like our today, we will remain just where we are.

My goal is to be better today than yesterday, and I pray for the opportunity to continue improving tomorrow. However, I will operate as if tomorrow will never come.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


39 Replies to “No tomorrow”

  1. Sorry you got hit with a bad one, Belladonna. 😞 Your resilient attitude also contributes to your point and your achievements! You’ve written about a meaningful topic worthy of extended discussion. A podcast when you feel up to it. 😊

    1. Thank you Michele!! I will definitely do a podcast on this. I’m so behind 😫 but that’s okay I’ll work hard to get back on track

  2. I believe there is purpose in every delay, God’s timing is always right, it happens exactly when it’s supposed to happen. I hope you’re feeling better now, and making the most out of this moment right here.

  3. You are so right Belladonna. 💖 You nailed it that life is not promised and wasting your time on BS ain’t gettin’ you nowhere girlfriend! I concur!!! 🤗🥂😊💖😘

  4. Wonderfully said. 🥰💜 We only have one life. Once chance to get it right. One chance to make a difference in the world while we are here because most certainly, we are not promised a tomorrow

  5. Absolutely! No one lives forever and that’s why we have to live our best lives while we can and let go off all the other crap.

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