Saturday Fit Tip

Working out is hard!!!

 I swear the more you do it, the TOUGHER it gets. You probably thought I was going to say it gets easier and easier but nope. Exercising is always a battle and more so mentally rather than physically. 

Some days you will spend hours convincing yourself that exercising is a good idea!

I have spent an entire day trying to get my butt off the sofa so I can do 30 minutes of something. And yes, the sofa has definitely won some of those battles, and that’s OKAY!! Don’t beat yourself up; stay calm if you need a mental break from everything, including sweating. 

We put too much pressure on ourselves, competing and comparing with the wrong people. You are mistaken if you try to keep up with anyone other than yourself. 

It’s always You ~vs~ You

This morning I hopped on my Peloton and did a 45-minute HIIT and HILLS Ride, and I was gasping for air. I was literally holding on for dear life and praying that I would not fall off my damn bike. But, usually, I coast and am on top of the leaderboard, sending out high fives to all the teammates along the way. 

But today, I didn’t high-five one person; I was just trying to make it!

The one thing I didn’t do was try to compete and keep up with all the other Peleton cyclists. They may be on top of their game and healthy as a horse, and here I am, just getting over the final stages of the flu. Therefore, trying to keep up with anyone other than me doesn’t make sense.

Keep your focus on yourself and only yourself; it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing. You are the real MVP!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


19 Replies to “Saturday Fit Tip”

  1. So agree with this! My close friends are so athletic compared to me, but I can’t worry about that. I try to focus on myself only else I’ll get too down…

    1. Yes, Paula only focus on you! And I’m sure if they compared themselves to someone they would feel down as well. There is always a bigger fish.

  2. A lovely piece that I resonate with. Competition with others kills creativity. The best thing is to see that your good becomes better tomorrow.

  3. Preach it!!!! 💯 I have never enjoyed working out, but on the rare occasion, I would find a gym class that I enjoyed going to. It was just hard getting from my house to the gym. So I quit donating to the gym. Especially since I couldn’t write it off on my taxes as a donation. Lol! Since I am ADHD, I don’t do well with monotony- oh, I’m not very athletic, but I enjoy tennis, golf, swimming, so I try to make those my “workouts.” Definitely not often enough! Right now, working in the garden is about as heavy, lifting as I can get. 😜

    1. Donations! 🤣🤣🤣
      Gardening is tough!!! Best workout, especially when it’s hot outside. Finding something you enjoy makes the world of difference especially on the days you feel like throwing out all your workout clothes. 😂

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