So ya say it was Mother’s Day?

I love my kids to death, and I know they love me, but…

I did SO MUCH LAUNDRY on my special day that I became overheated and needed to have a seat. Hell, I did more than have a seat; I laid back down, turned on Modern Family, and pulled the covers all the way up to my neck.

I laughed and had a party for one!

When I heard someone walk close to my door, I dared anyone to enter unless they had treats in their hand. I felt like a 600-pound lifer while waiting for my enablers to bring me treats. And if they didn’t have anything in their hand, I kicked up a fuss.

They made me a fantastic Mexican dinner and a homemade chocolate cake. My oldest daughter’s first love is baking, and you can tell. She bakes like my grandmother; every bite is filled with flavors that burst into your mouth.

Week From Hell

Last week was a week that I don’t want to relive, well, at least not the flu part. So, my blog took the back burner last week. On Monday morning, I woke up with a stiff neck and aching bones. I felt like I slept on a rock and was whipped by random strangers.

But despite having the flu, life had to keep trucking forward. So I masked up on Tuesday and moved my daughter out of her dorm room. I could not believe we had moved SO MUCH mess in her room. 

On that particular day, the sun was shining bright, and it felt like 110 degrees outside. 

My body was overheating, and I only wanted to climb in my car and turn my air on full blast. Finally, we were home, unpacked, and I was ready to rest up for the BIG move on Friday.

It seems like I blinked once, and Friday morning was here. I was still feeling under the weather but duty called, so I masked up and flew to get my son. My husband and I helped him unpack his dorm room, loaded the rental car, and raced to the airport. We were exhausted, and the only thing that kept us smiling was the thought of our cozy beds waiting for us at home.

So now let me go back to Mother’s Day. After I finished the piles of laundry and my house was back clean and fresh, I only wanted my tacos, cake, and Modern Family.

My family did not disappoint!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


38 Replies to “So ya say it was Mother’s Day?”

  1. Wow! Delicious Mexican Dinner and Chocolate cake, sounds amazing…
    You need a relaxing tea time and your husband giving you a foot massage, once a week from you and once for him. Try it! Sorry about laundry. Have a lovely night!
    Thank’s for share dear Bella.

  2. You had me as soon as you mentioned clearing out not one, but two dorm rooms! Heaven help you! 🙏🏽 You’re a saint, right? A Marvel Superhero? It really is a legitimate question, how is it that these kids, okay adults, start out with a 10-pound bag of you know what, but end up with a 100-pound bag to take home? At least that’s how it seems to work with mine. Ha, ha, but now the fun begins!! Glad you got to enjoy Mother’s Day (or should we change it to Superhero Day)!

    1. Thank you Nicole, I was so excited to get them back under my roof. My daughter said she is making a humming bird cake this week, and I am too excited about that dessert.

  3. Good job and a well-deserved dinner, but my, you and I spoil our kids don’t we? I got to a certain point with mine and finally taught him to do his own laundry. Now if I could get the youngest to cook for himself (at 36 you’d think he could) I’ll be a happy camper!

  4. Sounds like a yummy Mother’s day. I LOVE modern family. Glad you got some rest aside from laundry, after the week you had it seemed very necessary. Happy to hear you have your babies back home, yayyy!💕

  5. Girl, you are too daggone hilarious! Only you can turn having the flu, Mother’s Day, Modern Family and moving your chillin’s out of their dorm room, all at once, into a scene from the Simpson’s! LMAO 😱🤣😜😂😝 You go Marge! 🙆🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

      1. Guuurrrrlllll, I feel your pain! Well, maybe not, but I hear that laughter is good for the soul! 🤣😝😂 So go ahead and laugh your butt off. You deserve it! 💪🏼

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