One Bowl,One Bed the Jeffersons

And me!

Well, this is day two of the flu. I hope to be back in complete writer mode tomorrow. But, until then, I’ll be in my cozy bed, watching the Jeffersons as I slurp my chicken noodle soup.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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  1. Dear Belladonna, hor yu are feeling better!
    Drink a (concentrate) chammille tea with a little piece of a fresh rosemary, some ginger and at the end add lemon,taste delicious and it’s going to help you, get better!
    Take care.

  2. the Jeffersons…I just watched a thing called the history of sitcomes, it was amazing….there’s a lot of stories I knew, some I didn’t…but the history is interesting and am trying to figure out if the reason so many were or seemed to be cutting edge, because of the era, of if they helped..who knew both Bewtched and the Beverly Hillbillies had gay characters, all in the family, wich gave us both the jeffersons and maude which then gave us good times…..I hated Seinfield, and until now didn’t realize how weird it was that show, and Friends, in NYC, no african americans in either….yes gay, but that’s pretty awful…and odd

    1. Warren I muct find this show you speak of!!! Which streaming service?
      Yes, they were definitely cutting edge and I loved that. But I’m guilty of liking drk!
      Seinfeld is a little cringy!

      1. Oh yeah my bad…its beans dont burn on the gorilla 🤭 at least thats how i sang it as a kid

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