Monday I LOVe you buddy


What does Monday mean to you?

Trying to make Monday your buddy is a struggle because its arrival means the weekend is a wrap. Your freedom Friday is a thing of the past, and your sidewalk Sally Saturday is over. I don’t know why I said that; I couldn’t think of anything jazzy to put with Saturday, so there you go.

Side note, is a sidewalk Sally referring to a sex worker? I’ll google it later. Which reminds me, my google search history looks quite suspicious. If anyone were to look at my history randomly, they might think I was a lunatic.

I digress; over the years, I have learned to welcome Monday with open arms. Here me out, I’m human; I love sweets, pizza, burgers, and trying out different fancy restaurants. And I do it all, with bare minimum workouts. 

My Saturday workouts should last 10 hours!

Not only do I eat like a bear that just woke up after winter hibernation, but my sleep is terrible. My husband and I stay up late watching movies, and that’s after waking up at the crack of freakin dawn to cheer like loud country bumpkins at our kids sporting events.

So for me, Mondays are a breath of fresh air!

It’s time to detox, go to bed early, work out for 60 minutes and get my mind back on track. Now that I think about it, Mondays come bouncing around every week to save my life. It consistently picks me up from the gutter and corrects all my wrongs. 

Without Mondays

I would look 105 

I would have a big droopy behind

My eyes would be dark

My mind would be muddy

And my life would be cruddy

Monday, I LOVe you, buddy

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


29 Replies to “Monday I LOVe you buddy”

  1. Haha, you are such a trip, girl! I am learning to love Mondays too, as a fresh start to a new week. Get my workout in in the morning after being a couch potato all wknd, eating not so perfect, and stuff. Clean house after and then I can do my computer stuff and or crafts. So yeah, I love Monday like a buddy too!

  2. Haha..this is such a nice post. I like the way you’ve build it up. Glad to know you love Monday’s. I don’t love them, but i also don’t hate them. Just inbetween. Means responsibility for me & deadlines for Wednesday’s meetings with the board. I start my workouts on Tuesday

    1. LOL! Thank you.
      Yes when Monday hits, responsibilities are right with it. But with having three kids and a job that’s me all the time. But that’s alright by me. Hope you are having a great week!

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